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你好! 我是一個用戶的日文版Wikitravel。我使用的機器翻譯寫這次談話,因為我不會講廣東話,也不普通話。所以,請原諒我,如果我的信息是一團糟。

我看到您上傳此地圖已在Wikitravel Shared上。Wikitravel Shared是Wikitravel的檔案庫,就像作為Wikimedia Commons是Wikipedia的檔案庫。因此,你可以直接使用的圖片是關於Wikitravel Shared沒有再次上傳到中文版。的使用是一樣的通常。

例 : [[Image:HK Gai-Daan-Jai.jpg|thumb|right|160px|鶏蛋仔]]


I would appreciate it if you upload images to Wikitravel Shared when you take pictures in Hong Kong, because I can use them for articles on Japanese version (ja:香港). And we can use category on Wikitravel Shared to categorize images by geography (shared:Category:Tsim Sha Tsui, shared:Category:Lantau Island, etc), whereas language versions have restriction to use it as Wikitravel's policy.

As to characters (字體), I'm not sure that I should use Simplified Chinese characters[1] or Traditional Chinese characters[2]. The MediaWiki software supports both characters and users can change them by clicking tabs on top of each pages, but Wikitravel's breadcrumb navigation function doesn't change ;-)

To align characters in breadcrumb navigation, I moved the page from 中东‎ (Simplified) to 中東 (Traditional) for the time being. If you have any comment about this, please let me know, or you can also submit Tech requests. -- Tatata 2009年4月20日 (一) 22:55 (EDT)

Actually I didn't know what the wikitravel shared is, thanks for u notice. I will search and use any photo uploaded on it before I wanna post them on wikitravel.Heallo88 2009年4月21日 (二) 07:37 (EDT)