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* [[Wikitravel:Don't tout|Don't tout]]
* [[Wikitravel:Don't tout|Don't tout]]
* [[Wikitravel:Be fair|Be fair]]
* [[Wikitravel:Be fair|Be fair]]
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[[ru:Wikitravel:Чем мы являемся и чем не являемся]]
[[ru:Wikitravel:Чем мы являемся и чем не являемся]]
[[sv:Wikitravel:Vad Wikitravel är och inte är]]
[[sv:Wikitravel:Vad Wikitravel är och inte är]]
[[wts:Goals and non-goals/ko]]

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  • For on-line use by travellers on the road, huddled in a late-night Internet café in some dark jungle, who need up-to-the-minute information on lodging, transportation, food, nightlife, and other necessities;
  • For off-line use by travellers on the road sitting in a train with a subset of Wikitravel on their PDA, laptop, mobile phone, iPod or digital camera.
  • For on-line use by travellers still planning to review destinations, plan itineraries, make reservations, and get excited about their trip;
  • For individual article printouts, that is, for printing a list of museums or karaoke bars and putting it in your back pocket for when you need it -- or making a photocopy when someone else does;
  • For ad-hoc travel guides, small fit-to-purpose travel books that match a particular itinerary;
  • For inclusion in other travel books, giving up-to-date information for travel guide publishers.

There are probably hundreds of other uses for Wikitravel articles; these are ones we try to keep in mind while authoring and editing pages.



  1. 撰寫旅行文學作品。維基旅行並不是一本旅遊雜誌。條目文章必須直接表達與旅行相關的特定資訊。
  2. 撰寫個人旅遊日記。很多維基旅行者有屬於個人的旅遊冒險故事,但這些故事應該被放在條目文章以外的地方,例如我們的Wikitravel Extra
  3. 提供假期相簿服務。攝影者和插畫家應該記錄的是旅遊景點和名勝,而不是告訴祖母你在夏威夷喝的調酒有多大杯。
  4. 提供個人網頁空間。每一個維基旅行的註冊用戶會擁有一個個人的使用者頁面,這個頁面必須用在對旅遊指南發展有所幫助的方向,而不是「關於我和我的貓」的個人網站。在使用者頁面放上一兩張與個人相關的照片還算有道理,超過五張就太多餘了。
  5. 建立旅遊聊天室。如果你想要述說你的經驗、詢問相關問題、和大家交個朋友,或只想閒聊,請使用Wikitravel Extra的論壇。維基旅行的每篇文章都有討論頁,但其內中必須是與旅遊指南的撰寫和發展有關,而不是提供一個發表個人經驗的空間。每個人都能夠自由的編輯維基旅行的文章;若你有與主題相關的實用資訊,請直接將它們加入到條目文章裡。
  6. Make an advertising brochure. Wikitravel of course has listings and information about travel-related businesses around the world. We would be thrilled to have representatives of these businesses keep those records up-to-date. However, blatant advertising is not welcome, and overcompetitive acts (like deleting information about rival businesses) is gravely deprecated.
  7. Produce a Yellow Pages of restaurants, hotels, or bars for a city. City guides should certainly include information for travel-related companies, but these should be kept at a useful number. Think of a friend from out of town asking you where they should go -- you wouldn't list all 200 possibilities, but 5-10 options for a particular type, budget, or part of town.
  8. Build a Web directory. Wikitravel articles can and should have links to external resources about destinations, itineraries, travel-oriented companies, and other travel-related Web sites. However, it's not a goal to collect all links about any destination. External links should support and complement the content of articles; they're not a goal in and of themselves.
  9. Make a travel guide supplement. The Wiki technique we use for Wikitravel makes it possible for us to include information that's not in other travel guides. This doesn't mean that we only include information not found in other guides. Wikitravel aims to be a complete travel guide -- not just an additional resource on the side of traditional guides.
  10. Make an atlas. Although travel is intimately intertwined with geography, Wikitravel does not describe geographical features of the Earth just because they're there. Nor do we create separate articles for every crossroads with a name on the map.
  11. 建立百科全書。維基旅行的目標是告訴人們如何在各地旅行,而不是記錄全世界的所有事物。若你需要在維基旅行上尋找參考文獻和注釋,無論你關注的主題為何,你可能應該要去的地方是維基百科

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