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November 2004

Från Wikitravel, den fria resehandboken.
Version från den 18 november 2004 kl. 20.33 av Evan (Diskussion | bidrag) (New caching system)
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November 2004

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There's a new caching system on Wikitravel, based on the idea of 404 handler caching. Articles are written to the filesystem automatically when someone reads them, and the Web server uses those files, instead of calling the wiki script, from then on. There are upsides -- it's much faster! -- and downside -- new talk notification is off, and user preferences are ignored (for display). If there are bugs, please report them to Användare:Väsk or to me. I'm trying to enable as much dynamic, personalized functionality as I can while still serving static files. Please be patient! --Evan 18 november 2004 kl.21.33 (CET) P.S. Please translate this to Swedish!