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Version från den 12 juli 2007 kl. 19.50 av Riggwelter (Diskussion | bidrag)
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Hi Episteme! Very welcome to swedish Wikitravel. Feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself on your user page. We are very grateful for the work you do here. Best Regards, sw Wikitravel/admin Riggwelter 2 april 2006 kl.15.35 (CEST)

Interwiki linksRedigera

Episteme, you are a true fighter when it comes to interwiki links, and obviously worth all praise. Do you think you could have a look at our meta pages, as translated from en:? You found the complete list on Wikitravel:Index för Wikitravelsidor (the corresponding page on en: is Wikitravel:Namespace index. I am fully aware that you may need help with translation in the case you cannot figure out which page we have translated. Please let me know and I will be happy to assist you. Riggwelter 26 augusti 2006 kl.19.59 (CEST)

Well, I saw the page, but then what to do? --Episteme 27 augusti 2006 kl.22.32 (CEST)

Link workRedigera

Since you are our No 1 linker, I'd like to tell you about the page Lista över svenska centralorter. It is a list over all swedish county towns, and many of them lack Wikipedia and Dmoz links. Perhaps you'd like to have a go? Riggwelter 12 juli 2007 kl. 21.50 (CEST)

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