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I'm not getting through here, am I? I don't want to see any articles copypasted from English Wikitravel. If the content is so identical that you can't do anything but search-and-replace "Wikitravel" with "Wikitravel Shared", then link to the bloody article, don't copy it. Jpatokal 04:48, 7 March 2006 (EST)

First of all, Jpatokal: I do not enjoy being yelled at, nor do I approve of having rude language thrown in my face when I do not deserve it. What or who gives you the right to decide what should be on Wikitravel Shared or not, especially when you put it like: I do not want to see...? The reason I copypasted the articles from english Wikitravel is that they are an excellent foundation to be adjusted and improved to their specific use here on Wikitravel. I even raised the issue on the Wikitravel Shared talk:About page, to get some sort of response before I began working on it. Alright - you are correct in the sense that I should have perhaps done a bit more than just changed it from "Wikitravel:" to "Wikitravel Shared:", but I ran out of time and decided to come back later and sort it out. However, you beat me to it. Riggwelter 09:14, 7 March 2006 (EST)

I'm pissed because I've attempted to explain my stance several times, but instead of telling me why I'm wrong, you have just gone ahead and done your own thing.

So here's my stance once again. Wikitravel Shared is not a standalone resource nor is it intended to be one, so there is no need for it to have policies that are separate from the 'main' Wikitravel. Any local pages should concentrate on Wikitravel Shared's local features. Anything else should link to the English version, so any policy updates over there automatically reflect over here.

So what is your objection to this? Jpatokal 22:00, 7 March 2006 (EST)

My view is that you seem to have made the decision about which meta pages should go on Shared (or not) all by yourself, rather than tell other users your point of view in the discussion on the Wikitravel Shared talk:About page, where for example Evan and I talked about it. Riggwelter 03:15, 8 March 2006 (EST)