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Wikitravel Shared talk:18 August 2006

Hi Evan, I'm afraid I didn't quite get the "upstream" and "drudgery" thing you have just reported. I'm about to propose the adoption of Simple English in Wikitravel Shared (kiddin') but meanwhile, could you please clarify if what you said means that every time there is an upgrade of the MediaWiki code, we dedicated users/admins of language versions will have to fix the ensuing changes to the language file manually? I'm sure that if this is so and there was some way around it you would have taken it, so this is not a complaint. I'm just trying to know if I got it right and figuring out how much effort we should put into fixing that every 3 months. Thanks, Ricardo (Rmx) 14:28, 19 August 2006 (EDT)

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