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'''Liaisons''' are users on the various language versions of Wikitravel who are responsible for maintaining contact with the "mother project" Wikitravel.
#REDIRECT[[Language versions]]
This is a list of who the liaisons are and which project(s) they work with.
==[ Wikitravel in german]==
==[ Wikitravel in english]==
==[ Wikitravel in spanish]==
==[ Wikitravel in french]==
==[ Wikitravel in italian]==
==[ Wikitravel in japanese]==
==[ Wikitravel in dutch]==
==[ Wikitravel in polish]==
==[ Wikitravel in portuguese]==
==[ Wikitravel in romanian]==
==[ Wikitravel in swedish]==
=See also=
*[[Wikitravel Shared:Liaison reports]]
[[Category:Wikitravel Shared meta pages]]

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