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Wikitravel Shared:17 October 2006

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MediaWiki upgrade to 1.8.2

Wikitravel's servers have been upgraded to MediaWiki version 1.8.2 (see Special:Version). The upgrade was low-impact, didn't require DB changes, and mostly had bug-fixes and minor feature enhancements, so per the Wikitravel:Technical infrastructure policy I did the upgrade without scheduled downtime after testing in my sandbox and on the review: site.

The major visible changes will be some MW options (like the "GUI" toolbar, or having previews above the edit box) that have been disabled by default for a while. These default options used to be handled in the language files; they're now handled a different way, and I thought this was a good opportunity to re-synch with Wikimedia defaults.

The site will run somewhat slower as the caches fill up over the next hour or so. If there are problems with the site, please make a note with a technical request. --Evan 16:45, 17 October 2006 (EDT)