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[[Image:Oberalp 2.JPG|thumb|250px|One of my personal favorites...]]
This is [[:en:User:Ypsilon|Ypsilon's]] Wikitravel shared account!
* My own photos are hereby released into the '''Public Domain''' [].
* Photos from Wikimedia Commons and other places uploaded by me are PD ''for the most part''. To get my Finland-project finished I uploaded about 30 Creative Commons licensed pictures so ''check if the picture is licensed before you use them''. For these licensed pictures, read and respect the license under which the author has published his or her pictures - it says that you will at least have to attribute the author and for many of them you will also have to "share alike".
*[[Special:Contributions/Ypsilon|Contributions using en-wt account]]
*[[Special:Contributions/Ypsilonatshared|Contributions using this account]]
===To Do===
* [[Requests for images]]

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