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(when Planning Board Chairman Wilbur Schmidt suffered a heart attack in the Council Chambers, shortly before a board meeting. Ciszewski, a certified C PR i n s t r u c t o r , administered CPR to Schm)
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The death of John V
Ciszewski has shocked a city
whose residents only 10 days
ago voted him to be their
leader The members of the
community were looking
toward to his dedication and
leadership in his
commitment to the city.
Ciszewski. First Ward
Councilman and mayorelect, was buried this
morning at Sacred Heart
Cemetary He died Sunday
night at John F. Kennedy
Medical Center, Edison,
after a short illness. He was
" I t s a tragic loss to the
city." said Mayor J Thomas
Cross, "he was a hard
worker, dedicated, a people
oriented man.
Over the past few months,
a dramatic loss in weight led
to speculation the popular
councilman was ailing. He
did not know the extent of his
illness until after his
primary election victory in
June Most agreed that if
anyone was strong enough to
press on. it wouVtf be
John '
He  n c e i v cd a standing
ovation from supporters at
a Democratic Committee
Cocktail party held shortly
before the election.
"What 1 have to do now is
to put on some rounds." he
said that dav
Council President Bruce
Richmond visited Ciuewski
on two occasions last week
•When I left him on
Thursday. I didn't see how
he could recover, he said.
" I 'm vefy sad and
Ctszewski won handily the
November 4th election by a 4
to 1 margin over Republican
challenger Robert Hoffman
He was hospitalized the
following day
Citzewski's Councilmen
at-Large running mates
JohnT O'Leary and Craig J.
Coughlin also scored
resounding victories "Now
the job begins," Ciszewski
said that night O'Leary and
Coughlin said they were
looking foward to working
with John for the betterment
of the city
M o n d a y. both
C o u n c i l m en  e l e ct  w e re
visibly shaken and
distraught by J

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