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This will be my proposal for a Portuguese version of Shared's Main Page. Portuguese speakers can feel free to help translating as appropriate.

Wikitravel Shared é a central de coordenação e diretório de imagens e outras mídias compartilhado por todas as versões do Wikitravel, o guia mundial de viagens livre, completo, atual e disponível para todos. Atualmente temos 54,907 arquivos carregados pelos Wikiviajantes.

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Wikitravel strives to be a leader in travel research with up-to-date and complete articles. To achieve this Wikitravel needs to incorporate various media including images. Some articles may already have images, however, should you happen to have an image that captures the soul of the destination please replace the current image with your own. Additionally, some articles don't have any images at all and we welcome any contribution you can make. Please visit the list of the articles without an image at Requests for images.

This site is still under construction. Please participate in the discussion!

Imagens por localização geográfica

Mysore palace

Mysore palace

Contributor: Ravikiranr

As imagens no Wikitravel Shared normalmente são organizadas por país.


Coordenação do projeto

Como utilizar imagens compartilhadas

To use a Shared image on any Wikitravel language version, just use the normal syntax [[Image:filename.jpg]] to include it. Either the English Image: or the localized version (Bild:, 画像:, etc) can be used as the command.

The Wikitravel software will automatically check both the Shared and the local image repositories for the image. Note that if the same filename exists on both the local site and the Shared site, the local image has precedence.