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Top bugs

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Top bugs

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The Wikitravel community has nominated the bugs listed here as highest priority. To vote, add an "X" and sign your name on the next line.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a truly critical site issue, please report it directly to IB Tech at: paul.obrien at -- reporting bugs here is a necessary first step to resolving them, but when an issue is critical to the site it should be proactively reported directly to me (IBobi) and I will see that it gets into the hands of someone who can resolve it as quickly as possible.--IBobi 18:10, 24 August 2011 (EDT)

List of top bugs and voting[edit]

A list of all reported bugs can be found at Category:Open bug reports.

Bug Date added to Top bugs Votes Users Status
Tech:Cache not clearing after editing#Caching still not working Jan 5, 2009 XXXXXX Jpatokal, Peter,Stefan, LtPowers, Globe-trotter, Riggwelter Is this still a problem in 2016?
Tech:ListingEditor cannot handle the value of name field in non-ASCII characters June 18, 2009 XXX Tatata, ChubbyWimbus, Dguillaime  ?
Tech:EditListing script fails on non-ASCII characters in some fields June 18, 2009 XX Tatata, ChubbyWimbus  ?
Tech:Listing editor interacts poorly with HTML comments April 6, 2011 XX LtPowers, Ryan  ?
Tech:Search database not updating July 7, 2011 XXX Dguillaime, DenisYurkin, Ryan  ?
Tech:Bugs from the MediaWiki 1.17 upgrade June 8, 2012 XX Peter, Riggwelter  ?
Tech:Spambots August 6, 2012  ?

See also[edit]

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  • Roadmap for coordinating feature requests, as this page does for bugs.