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Because of the way we do caching, each user uses the same "Wikitravel" skin, based on Monobook. This skin doesn't work so well with portable devices, like cell phones and PDAs.

I'd like to set up a parallel site,, with a skin that includes "special" features from the Wikitravel skin, but is more friendly for mobile devices. It would use the "Chick" skin by default. I think that it would just take some fiddling with the Apache configuration to have one skin when called through "mobi", and another when called through "org". --Evan 17:12, 14 November 2006 (EST)

I second this feature request. I would use this feature at least once a month when I'm in my home city, let alone when I'm travelling. Note that I consider ability to read WikiTravel on a mobile device to be one feature, and to edit WikiTravel to be another. For me, reading is a higher priority than editing, though both are useful. Ability to read WikiTravel makes the service more useful. Ability to edit improves the content (people can whip out a phone and enter the details for a cool restaurant as they're waiting for dessert). JimDeLaHunt 20:03, 26 March 2008 (EDT)
For the people who need wikitravel on mobile there is [1]. It is the content of wikitravel without pictures in mobile friendly format targeted for simple wap browsers. Many wikitravel pages are simply too big for mobile, even if you get the page loaded the navigation is not pretty. Disclaimer - I am the creator of
Doesn't work for me: doesn't open at desktop; looks like a wrong domain name full of AdSense spam (and nothing else) at my PDA. --DenisYurkin 02:22, 31 July 2008 (EDT)