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Tech:Allow readers/user to rate pages or content.

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I would like the wikitravel homepage to tag a rating system or tool into each recommendation of place/hotel/restaurant or can be any recommendation that user wrote. This will help wikitraveller to assess the reliability and authenticity of any recommendation user entered. It might as well helps to prevent any item entered for the sole advertisement or commercial benefit. TAs time goes by, some entry have gotten so long that sometimes I'm not sure those recommendation are for real or just fluke. A rating system (aggregating of number out of 10) will let reader tag a recommedation and helps other users to decide whether a recommendation is worth taking. Thanks.


This is not really within our current scope. There are loads of rating sites out there, and Wikitravel is a travel guide. Closing ticket. Riggwelter 10:42, 10 August 2011 (EDT)