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(Complex tasks)
(Simple tasks)
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| [[User:Tatata|Tatata]], [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]]
| [[User:Tatata|Tatata]], [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]]
| Will not do
| Will not do
| [[Tech:Wikitravel doesn't load at all from certain subnetworks|Re-enable indexing by Yandex]]
| 28-Jul-2011
| X
| [[User:DenisYurkin]]

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The roadmap is supposed to be the coordination page where the Wikitravel community, in cooperation with the technical assistance of Internet Brands, can assign priority to the various plans for expansion, development, and improvement of Wikitravel.

Please note that this is not the page to file requests—that is to be done on Tech requests.


Please log on to add an X and your name to the tech requests you consider both most urgent and most important. Do not add your vote to every feature you would like to see implemented—rather, pick one or two that you believe should get priority over all others.

Simple tasks

Simple tasks could potentially take minutes to fulfill. File them here.

Tech Date added to Top features request Votes Users Deadline as given by Internet Brands
Tech:Enable range blocks  ? X Peter Will not do
Tech:Use of Common.css and Common.js  ? XX Tatata, Jpatokal Will not do
Re-enable indexing by Yandex 28-Jul-2011 X User:DenisYurkin

Complex tasks

Tech Date added to Top features request Votes Users Deadline as given by Internet Brands
Tech:IWBNI Links at the bottom of image showed all language links Sep 23, 2009 X LtPowers  ?
Tech:Copy image descriptions from shared Sep 23, 2009 XXXX Peter, Jpatokal, Stefan, LtPowers September 2011
Tech:ListingGeoData Script Sep 23, 2009 X DenisYurkin  ? Sep 23, 2009 X DenisYurkin  ?
Tech:"add listing" link occurence improvements Sep 23, 2009 X LtPowers  ?
Tech:Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.17 Aug 3, 2010 XXXXX LtPowers, DenisYurkin, Peter, Riggwelter, Texugo August/September 2011
Tech:Add booking tool to WT July 21, 2011 August 2011

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