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List of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary

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List of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary

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Before translating articles or the language.php file, it is a good idea to make a translation list of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary. Words that are usually defined in MediaWiki software already are marked MW.

MW The international legal regime, see en:Wikitravel:Copyright details
A form of license requiring downstream publishers to have an Open Source version, too; see Wikitravel:Copyleft
Destination of the Month 
A featured monthly article; see en:Wikitravel:Previous destinations of the month
A targeted sub-project; see en:Wikitravel:Expeditions
A list of destinations and/or attractions with a direction and time frame, see Wikitravel:Itineraries
MW A hyperlink between two pages; see en:Wikitravel:External links, en:Wikitravel:internal links
Main Page 
MW Entry page to the site, en:Main Page, fr:Accueil, es:Portada, de:Hauptseite
Page history 
A brief translation of common phrases from one language to another; see en:Wikitravel:Phrasebook Expedition, en:Wikitravel:Phrasebook template
A community-reached rule or set of rules about how Wikitravellers interact, see en:Wikitravel:Community policies
Recent Changes 
MW A list of recent modifications to the wiki, see Special:Recentchanges
A software utility that helps with a particular task
Traveler's Pub 
General discussion page for the entire community, usually modeled as a café or bar, see en:Wikitravel:Travellers' pub, fr:Wikitravel:Café des Voyageurs, de:Wikitravel:Stammtisch
MW Someone who's created a user account and has a name, password, and user page. See en:Wikitravel:How to create a user account.
Votes for Deletion 
A page where users discuss whether to delete a page or image; see en:Wikitravel:Votes for deletion
Someone who participates in Wikitravel; see en:Wikitravel:Wikitravellers
Name of the project, rarely translated
Article template 
An outline of how we want articles to look, see en:Wikitravel:Article templates
Destination guide 
A travel guide for a destination, see e.g. en:Wikitravel:What is an article?
A place that people visit, typically a city, region or country, see en:Wikitravel:geographical hierarchy, en:Wikitravel:What is an article?
Something to see at a destination, like a museum, temple, square, statue, etc. Also sometimes used to describe all kinds of things that are "lower" on the hierarchy than a destination, like restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. See en:Wikitravel:Attraction listings
Travel topic 
A general travel issue that is either not specific to a particular place (like en:Tips for flying) or too specific thematically to have in a general-purpose destination guide (like en:Off-road vehicles in California). See en:Travel topics, en:Wikitravel:Other ways of seeing travel
A bit of markup that says that one place "is in" another place, usually used for the next-biggest containing place. For example, en:France "is in" en:Western Europe, en:Florence "is in" en:Tuscany. See en:Wikitravel:Breadcrumb navigation
A Wikitraveller who's volunteered to take direct questions from other travellers who want more information about a place covered in a guide. See en:Wikitravel:Docents
Manual of style 
A group of articles that define usually arbitrary stylistic decisions about spelling, punctuation, layout, and formatting of pages. See en:Wikitravel:Manual of style
Goals and non-goals 
A page that describes the mission and scope of the project, as well as some things the project isn't meant to do, but some people might think it is. See en:Wikitravel:Goals and non-goals
Article status 
A rough estimate of the maturity of an article and its usefulness for travellers; A 5-step rating on Wikitravel en: stub, outline, usable, guide, star. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
MW An article status for an article with practically no content, or without an article template framework. See en:Wikitravel:Stub articles
Article status for an article that has the framework of an article template but little else. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that would be useful for a traveller using it for their only form of travel information. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that's not only usable, but gives a variety of attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that is publication-ready; meets all the requirement of the manual of style, is well written, and has illustrations (including a map). See en:Wikitravel:Article status, en:Wikitravel:Star articles
Collaboration of the Week
Off the Beaten Path
Plunge forward
The traveller comes first
Geographical hierarchy
Be fair
Don't tout
Small city
Big city
Huge city

See How to start a new language version