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Liaison reports : Spanish
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Liaison reports/Spanish

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===Progress in general===
The Spanish Wikitravel has now 1.180 pages, including 664 actual articles. We have created 398 new articles during this summer (25/07/2006 - 25/10/2006).
==New contributors==
*[[Liaison reports/Spanish/November 2006]]
* We have 277 registered users.
*[[Liaison reports/Spanish/August 2007]]
* We have 3 administrators, we welcomed this summer [[:es:Usuario:Nanow jesús madrid|Nanow]] and [[:es:Usuario:Texugo|Texugo]].
The Spanish Wikitravel is growing slower than other Wikitravel versions. Unfortunately only a few new articles were created and many important places still don't have an article.
==Special issue==
* '''October''', we are building the [[:es:Wikitravel:ayuda|Help pages]].
* '''11 August'''; the Spanish Wikitravel began the [[:es:Wikitours|Wikitours]] initiative (as well as [[:fr:Wikitravel:Wikitour|French]] Wikitravel). Now we have 9 wikitours, some of themes are under construction.
* '''June'''; we changed our [[:es:Portada|Main Page]], and now it looks like the english or the french ones. We created some new sections as a [[:es:Portal de la comunidad|Meeting place]] (different from the [[:es:Bar de los viajeros|Traveller's pub]]), [[:es:Colaboración de la semana|Colaborations]], [[:es:Destino del mes|Destination of the month]]...
* Done by [[User:Nanow jesús madrid|Nanow jesús madrid]] 18:40, 27 October 2006 (EDT)
[[Category:Wikitravel Shared meta pages]]

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