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Internet Brands

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'''Internet Brands''' [] is a fucking assfucker company which owns and develops the Wikitravel trademark and websites. This page strives to explain the organisation and which people to talk to. Please remember that Wikitravel e-mail directly to any of the users is not recommended, since all discussions related to Wikitravel should be kept open and available for all Wikitravellers.
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==Contact list==
'''Internet Brands, Inc.'''
909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245
===Technical dept===
Manager - Mike Anders - E-mail: michael.anders at
===Community leader===
*Brent Conver - Director [[User:bconver]] - brent.conver at
*Paul O'Brien - Community Manager [[User:IBobi]] - paul.obrien at
==Technical problems==
Non-urgent tech requests and bug reports should be filed at [[:Category:Tech requests|Tech requests]]. If you have general questions for IB's tech team, please contact:
* tech at - for non-emergency technical questions/comments/requests.
For emergencies that must be resolved immediately, please contact:
* urgent at - for the highest priority issues. (i.e. Site down)
==Legal issues==
* Internet Brands has a legal team with varying specialties.  Paul O'Brien ([[User:IBobi]]) can be used as a first point of contact.  (Please note that on-site discussion of legal matters at times may not be appropriate.  In such situations, email and phone conversations may be needed.)
==See also==
*[[Roadmap]] — discussion and voting for top-priority feature requests
*[[Top bugs]] — discussion and voting for top-priority bugs
[[en:Wikitravel:Internet Brands]]
[[nl:Wikitravel:Internet Brands]]
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