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How to upload files

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[[de:Wikitravel:Wie du Dateien hochlädst]]
[[de:Wikitravel:Wie du Dateien hochlädst]]
[[fr:Wikitravel:Comment ajouter un fichier]]
[[fr:Wikitravel:Comment ajouter un fichier]]
[[sv:Hur man laddar upp en fil]]
[[sv:Wikitravel:Hur man laddar upp filer]]
[[Category:Wikitravel Shared meta pages]]
[[Category:Wikitravel Shared meta pages]]

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You can upload a file to Wikitravel using the Special:Upload page. Although it's possible to upload other kinds of files, most people use this feature to upload images. See our image policy for how, when, and why to upload images to Wikitravel Shared.

First, consider if the file should be used only on the English version, or if you want other language versions to also access the file. The language used on Wikitravel Shared is english only, and the file name you choose for your file(s) must therefor be in english. Language-specific images include maps, diagrams, or other images with explanatory English text on them.

To upload a file, on the upload page, enter the name of the file on your local hard drive (or whatever) in the box marked Filename. If you're using a reasonable Web browser, there should probably be a button marked Browse, which should let you pick out a file on your hard drive without having to type the name in by hand. Please make sure that the file name is descriptive eg. Paris_Eiffel_Tower.jpg. Do not leave the filename as it is off your camera, eg. IM001005.JPG.

In the Summary box, put in a summary of where the file came from and what it is. If it's an image, say what the image is of. It's very helpful if you can put the copyright information in the Summary. If you are the author of the file (like, if you took the photograph), you should note that. Here are some good summaries:

  • San Francisco at sunset, copyright [[User:Evan|Evan Prodromou]], 2003
  • Map of Gold Coast, public domain, US Geolographical Survey 1998
  • Taj Mahal, copyright Fred Jacobs 1971, uploaded with permission

Finally, you must check the checkbox indicating that one of the following is true:

  1. You are the author of the file you're uploading, and you're agreeing to release it according to our copyleft.
  2. You are not the author of the file, but the author of the file has given you explicit permission to upload the file and release it under our copyleft. By explicit permission, you have to be able to prove written evidence from the author where it is obvious that the author has read and understood the terms for our copyleft license.
  3. The file you're uploading is in the public domain.

Under no circumstances should you upload a file if you don't know exactly who the author is, and you don't have explicit permission to release it under our copyleft. We do not want files uploaded under a hazy idea of "fair use". Don't just find pictures on the Web and upload them here and expect nobody to notice, either. It's important that Wikitravel Shared stays free for everyone to use, and free of copyright violations.

See also: How to add an image