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How to re-use Wikitravel guides

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How to re-use Wikitravel guides

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Wikitravel articles and images are available under a copyleft license. This means you can redistribute and modify them in any medium, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

The short answer

To redistribute Wikitravel content, you must:

  1. Attribute the authors of the content (Not just Wikitravel).
  2. Clearly note that the Wikitravel text content as being available under the CC-by-SA 3.0 license, and note the specific copyright for each image.

There are no other requirements.

About our license

Our license, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, requires three main things from people redistributing an article:

  1. You give attribution to the authors of the article.
  2. You make any derivative works available under the same license.
  3. You notify readers and other users of the license.

The following is our interpretation of the license requirements. It is not legal advice.


You can give attribution to the authors according to their real names (preferred) or Wikitravel user names. For users identified with an IP address instead of a user name, you can use "Anonymous" or "Anonymous user of Wikitravel". You don't have to list any name more than once.


Every page on Wikitravel has a credits block at the end of the page; for pages where all the authors names will fit in it, this should be sufficient for attribution. However, when there are too many authors names to fit in that block, you must follow the others link at the end of the block to get the complete set of credits for attribution. Each Wikitravel article also has an HTML link element of type meta that points to an RDF file with the author names. This may be easier to parse automatically.

Sample wording: This page is based on work by John Smith, Jane Jones and other users.

Alternatively, you may choose to simply point back to the credits of the original Wikitravel article:

Sample wording: A list of contributors is available at the original article on Wikitravel.


For images, the author history can (only) be found on the corresponding Image: page. Images often have image specific licensing and attribution which differs from the article itself, so you should double check the image file page before redistributing or creating derivative works, to make certain you provide accurate licensing & attribution information.


Any redistributed Wikitravel articles or derivative works based on Wikitravel articles must also be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. Redistributed images or derivative works based on Wikitravel images must remain under the same license as appears on the individual image page (it is necessary to "click through" the thumbnail to get to individual image pages).


You must provide a link to the Attribution-ShareAlike license to notify readers and users of their rights to the article text or image. The URL of the license should be sufficient.

Sample wording: Content on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.


These are some practical notes for re-using Wikitravel guides.

  • is a service for creating and editing these free guides. We can't support the bandwidth and processing requirements of uses not tuned to this purpose. We prefer not to serve files or articles if they're framed or embedded into other pages.
  • If you create a Web mirror, it can help if you put a link on en:Wikitravel:Mirrors.

Link back

Wikitravel articles are written, edited, and illustrated by readers. Our quality improves when readers can fix factual errors, misspellings, or other make other improvements.

For this reason, we ask that you also link back to the original Wikitravel article, allowing your readers to update it. This is just a request; it's not part of the license requirements. A link back is not a substitute for following the terms of the license.


A MediaWiki API for programmatic access to the site is available at, where code is one of the language versions of Wikitravel, eg. "en" for English.

When using the API, please follow the terms of use and download no more than one article every 30 seconds, or you may be blocked without warning.

XML data feeds

Ideally, it would be possible to obtain XML data dumps of Wikitravel content, to facilitate the reuse of Wikitravel content, in line with the intent of the Attribution-ShareAlike license and the goals of this site. Internet Brands, the company that owns Wikitravel's servers, has expressed the wish to restrict access to XML data dumps and to consider requests for them on an individual basis. To date no one has actually obtained an XML data dump from Internet Brands. Please see en:Wikitravel:Database dump for more details.

See also: en:Wikitravel:Mirrors, Non-compliant redistribution