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FAQ : ko
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여기에 약간의 빈문답(Frequently Asked Questions)이 있다. 이것은 위키트래블러가 받았던 것이거나 받을 수있거나 스스로 의아해아였던 것이다.

여기의 없는 질문은 여행자의 춞에 하시면, 누군가가 가능한한 빨리 대답해줄 겁니다.(아마도).

일반 질문

위키트래벌이 뭐예요?

위키트래벌자유롭고, 완전하며, 최신의 믿을만한 세계적인 여행 가이드를 만드는 프로젝트입니다. It is built in collaboration by Wikitravellers from around the globe. You can read more about Wikitravel on the About page, and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Wikitravel in general from the Wikitravel FAQ page. The rest of this FAQ is specifically about Wikitravel Shared.

위키트래벌 공용은 뭬예요?

OK, we lied. 위키트래벌은 사실 세계적으로 사용되는 다언어의 여행 가이드를 만드는 프로젝트이다. 위키트래벌 공용은 공유될 수있는 자원을 둘 곳이다.: 사진!

여기에 아무거나 기여해도 되나요?

Unfortunately, we have some fairly strict rules about what images Wikitravel can use. First, it has to be the kind of images we're looking for. Second, we need to be able to use the image legally.

OK, 어떤 그림을 기여할 수 있겟나요?

In a nutshell, we can pictures of places. We want to show travelers what they'll see if they go to one of the places we're writing about. We generally don't want photos of people, such as your boyfriend standing in front of the Parthenon or the helpful man who gave you directions to the train station. See image policy page for more detail about the kinds of pictures we can/can't use.

그리고 법적인 문제는 없나요?

The bottom line is that we need a legal license to use the picture in any of the ways that our goals call for. We need explicit permission from the creator of the image. If that's you, all you need to do is pick a compatible licence for it. If it's not you, you need to make sure that the creator gives permission, and that the permission he gives is compatible with what Wikitravel intended to do. Either public domain or images under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license are the main things we're looking for. See our copyleft for the nitty-gritty details.

업로드에 관한 질문

문건내에 사용할 그림을 어떻게 업로드 하나요?

You should follow the instructions on how to upload files.

업로드할 그림을 문건에 어떻게 넣나요?

You should follow the instructions on Wikitravel Shared:How to add an image.

그림은 어떻게 삭제하나요?

You can't delete an image directly. The procedure is somewhat more complicated: Go to Wikitravel Shared:Votes for deletion and add a link to the image, with the reason you hink it should be deleted. After fourteen days of discussion the image will be deleted unless there is a consensus to keep it.


업로드한 사진을 서술하는 언어는 무엇으로 하나요?

아직 저희들은 그에대한 정책이 없습니다. Use whatever language you're comfortable with. Although descriptions can be helpful, they aren't usually critical for the people who'll be using the pictures in the various Wikitravel guides, so it's probably OK if someone can't read your Portuguese or Arabic description of the Sydney Opera House. The tags used to organize images generally use the common English-language names of places (e.g. "Tokyo", "Germany"). Sorry, but we had to standardize on something and Wikitravel was founded by people who speak English.