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Catalan Wikitravel Liaison Report for March 2007

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Catalan Wikitravel Liaison Report for March 2007

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Progress in general

Catalan Wikitravel started to work one month ago, from now on 16 users have been registered but most of them hardly write down any contribution.

There are 4 users we could call regulars, administrators included.

We've recently created one administrator and a second one is in process.

A promoting initiative outside Wikitravel and among the blogosphere has arisen, through a banner indicating the blogger is a collaborator. Members from the language expedition have adopted it so far.

Because of the short time this version is in place (Article templates were discussed on March 5th.), there are more project pages than articles.

Most of articles are only outlines.We only have the article about Morocco with really usable information. The article about Algeria has just been started to be done.

At the moment there are 266 pages in the Catalan version of Wikitravel, that includes discussion pages, pages about the wikitravel project, small pages and other pages that hardly would be mentioned as articles, only around 100 pages would be defined as real articles but as mentioned further up these could be seen more as project pages than articles.

Focus during the next month

During the next month we plan to get along with the idea to stamp some t-shirts to promote the catalan version of wikitravel.

Special issues

We discussed the convenience to add an article called "Països Catalans" and the community decided to create it outside the breadcrumb navigation.

We realized that no red point advertising new messages in the edit page of the users appears when someone leave us a comment in that page.


The project is just starting. We do not know how far we can get along due that most of us are living in an extreme point of Catalonia (around the city of Tortosa) but we are very self confident in ourselves and we think that with the help of the blogosphere we will be able to do something interesting.


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