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Catalan Wikitravel Expedition

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== Choosing a go-between ==
== Choosing a go-between ==
Volunteer to act as a go-between :
Volunteer to act as a go-between : Al_turtusi

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The Catalan Wikitravel Expedition is an expedition to launch a Catalan-language version of Wikitravel, according to the language version policy.


Catalan is the native language of a mediterranean area with an excellent backgroung on travel and tourism.

A Catalan-language version of Wikitravel would serve these travellers with information in their native language. In addition, Catalan speakers could add information on their native and adopted countries, regions, and cities to the ca: version of Wikitravel that could then be translated to other languages. All Wikitravellers would benefit from local-contributed information.


  • Assemble a group of interested contributors willing to start a new Catalan-language Wikitravel version
  • Translate the language interface file to Catalan -> No longer necessary
  • Choose a go-between who will provide a link between the new Catalan-language version and other Wikitravel language communities
  • Launch the new language version
  • Translate key documents that are necessary for new users to understand and contribute to the new language version
  • Make Catalan-language Wikitravel an integral part of the multilingual Wikitravel community


Per the language version policy, we need at least three people to commit to helping to launch this new version. These contributors are expected to help translate the language interface file (see below), translate important interface documents, and otherwise make Catalan-language Wikitravel ready for use by other editors.

The following people agree to make this level of contribution:

Note: if you want to help, please create a user account and then add your name to the list above.


A go-between for a new language version of Wikitravel acts as an "ambassador" for the new version to the rest of the Wikitravel community. They communicate information on developments in the new version to the rest of the community in monthly go-between reports, and they communicate developments in other languages to the new version's contributors.

Optimally, a go-between should have the following characteristics:

  • Strong Catalan reading and writing skills (not necessarily native)
  • Strong English reading and writing skills (not necessarily native)
  • Some experience with Wikitravel in one of its language versions
  • Familiarity with Wikitravel's goals, style, and policies

Go-betweens for previous language versions have been chosen by voting, or else just by general consensus. It's up to the Catalan-language Wikitravel contributors listed above to decide how to choose a go-between.

Language file

We no longer require a language file to start a new language version of Wikitravel. Most languages already have a good interface written for Wikipedia, and we can customize it using the database messages tool in MediaWiki.

Choosing a go-between

Volunteer to act as a go-between : Al_turtusi