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Обсуждение участника:Radouane

23 байта добавлено, 08:37, 5 марта 2013
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: I have noticed that it's soon going to be 3 years since you joined this project. Very impressive! Thank you! Please know that we and all the Russian speaking readers would be honored to have you here as an administrator. Please let me know if you would be interested. Thank you!
: I wish you all the best! Sincerely, [[Участник:IBAlex|IBAlex]] 18:02, 4 марта 2013 (EST)
::* ''we can have a better travel guide here''
::: It is unlikely, you will eventually lose in the competition with WV. At least in non-English sections. In particular because of your incompetence. In this section, there is no absolutely no chance of development.
::* ''"Ukraine" or "Belorussia" belong to Russia because this is simply not true''
::: Siberia, the Far East, Central Asia, and so, too, do not belong to Russia? Where do you get all the information about Russia? What do you know about this country? You do not even know what is country's territory, and the indicate Russian people that should write in the Russian section. I do not even call you to think again. You killed this section. [[Служебная:Contributions/|]] 00:24, 5 марта 2013 (EST)