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Texugo and thank you very much for the new blood you've given to this old and dying projects. Please see my answer here: http://wikitravel.org/wiki/ro/index.php?title=Wikitravel%3AHanul_c%C4%83l%C4%83torilor&diff=9180&oldid=9142 --Vlad 6 aprilie 2007 16:45 (EEST)

Ok, I see your point. But in English this construction is easy (see, do, eat etc.) Translating this in other languages gives out incomprehensible syntagms... As you've said it, I'm awfully busy, I'm not even time to make up the proper structure for admin election (but it would be nearly impossible to get the other admins to vote), so I guess that if you point Evan to our discussion, it's up to him to agree (but if you say you're already an admin on other wikitravels, I guess this won't be an issue); after all, it's his project. Cheers! --Vlad 10 aprilie 2007 18:17 (EEST)
You see how busy I am, the time to write my support to you I see Evan has already sysopped you. Please take a look at my contributions, I've modified a couple of stubs (subpages of your page), please let me know if it is comprehensible to you and if it's enough to modify the rest of them (I've also fixed some typos). Thank you for your tremendous enthusiasm! :) --Vlad 11 aprilie 2007 16:07 (EEST)
For Cope, maybe "Cotidian" should be better? For the "Unde" problems, how about: "Gastronomie", "Cumpărături" etc? For Contact I understand now, but it's still awkward in Romanian for "stay in touch." "Econom" cannot be used instead of "Ieftin" (you say of someone that is econom, i.e. he spares, he doesn't spend much. Maybe economic? Still not native romanian in context. I didn't even know Splurge in English, so maybe in Romanian you can better say these like this: Buget redus/Buget moderat/Buget nelimitat. --Vlad 12 aprilie 2007 17:55 (EEST)
The problem is that Romanian isn't prone to such short construction and doesn't have English flexibility. So I'm afraid that your goal of short and unique won't be easy to reach. So I still find some things wierd: "Fond" You really can't say "Fondul oraşului" maybe "Informaţii de fond" or like I've said, "Informaţii de bază". I would use "Cumpărături" instead of "Cumpărare" (Buying). "Mâncare" and "Băutură" are strange, too... And what do you mean by "Acoperire" ? And finally, if you use "Sosire" the opposite is "Plecare". --Vlad 13 aprilie 2007 15:59 (EEST)
Ok. I have substituted Informaţii de fond and Plecare. Acoperire was a mistake and I have replaced it with Siguranţă. Now maybe we are almost there? What is so weird about "Mâncare" and "Băutură"? I just wanted to say "Food" and "Drinks". Or "Eating" and "Drinking" (nouns). What do you suggest? Are you okay with the current model besides those two? Remember that the titles in the English version are not what most native speakers would choose either. Texugo 14 aprilie 2007 07:55 (EEST)

I'm writing my opinion about the template here cause I'm afraid I'll make another mistake in posting, hope u don't mind. I'm not sure what u meant by "vederi", but the way u put it, it made me think about postcards (that's what it means); I'm guessing here that u wanted to say something like "sights"? and "invatatura"... doesn't quite work...in wikitravel in english I know there's "learn" or something like that. to me "invatatura" doesn't sound really appealing "cotidian" made me think about newspapers somehow, but that's just me...I'm guessing u wanted something similar to daily life ( i forgot how it is in wiki in english) and I'm not sure what u meant by "plecare" (=departure)

I"m also testing the typing thing u said here (hope u don't mind and I hope I don't do something wrong - again) Optymystyk 16 aprilie 2007 10:47 (EEST)optymystyk

me again :D just saw the pics in the Tokyo article and I want to say "nice work", and actually, I was kinda' wondering and looking for the way to put pics in articles... I guess only the administrator can do it? ( sorry about all the questions...I have a tendency to drive people out or their minds - in this case it's because I want to know more ways of making a good article. Please tell me if u mind my questions :) Optymystyk 16 aprilie 2007 11:04 (EEST)optymystyk

For vederi, you are right, I want something that means sights, hopefully without saying ce să vedeţi. - For me "de vazut" (must see) works

For the "Learn" section, how about "Cursi"? Did u mean cursuri? because I don't know what cursi means and i'm pretty sure it's not even a word

Cotidian was Vlad's suggestion for the "Cope" section, where we put things like libraries, laundromats, embassies, consulates, and public restrooms. Another suggestion is Zi cu zi. zi cu zi (or zi de zi- frequently used) is just perfect

"Sosire". It is supposed to be the "Get out" section, which is usually used for daytrips, nearby destinations when u say day trip, i think "excursie" Optymystyk 16 aprilie 2007 22:20 (EEST)optymystyk

you're giving me headaches... i think i will leave the images to you for now... it's too much trouble with all these copyrights and so on. anyway, thanx for the info, it's good to know. Optymystyk 16 aprilie 2007 22:20 (EEST)

ps: i plan on starting on an article about Hong Kong so... pics are welcomed :D (but i understand that u have other things to take care of so.. this is just for when you're in the mood - hope u don't mind)

this is driving me mad... at the tokyo article ( don't know if it's in other places too), instead of "de dormit" wouldn't it be better to put "cazare"? Optymystyk 17 aprilie 2007 08:45 (EEST)

  • let's see... i will also try and think of a better word for plecare (same goes for sosire)
  • instead of "informatii de fond", wouldn't it be better to say "introducere?" or something like that? (still thinking...hmmmm...)
  • don't know what u mean by "circulatie", especially since u already have sosire by bus,airplane and so on and circulatie is almost the same thing
  • i see u still have vederi and cotidian
  • by comunicare u mean travel tips?

and that's about it..i think

  • circulatie...moving around the city... circulatie sounds too much like sosire so how about "deplasare"? or transport? (short for mijloace de transport - means of transportation)

I'm thinking about another word now, it's sitting on tip of my tongue and i can't say it!

  • The Comunicare is for things related to staying in touch with the outside world= communication, i.e. internet cafes, telephone code info, embassies, consulates, post offices, etc.

it's sitting on the tip of my tongue again...now i won't get it out of my head for the rest of the day so i'll let u know what i came up with in the evening Optymystyk 19 aprilie 2007 10:39 (EEST)

nope...sorry, don't have diacritice Optymystyk 19 aprilie 2007 19:36 (EEST)


Hi!Thank you for the message and i think I'll take your offer: I really need some help right now (actually, I need some info) I think I made a big mistake (not making excuses for myself but I'm still getting the hang of things). I wasn't sure about this "ciot" thing and I kinda' moved some things (articles) around (don't ask why) and I think I made some links that go nowhere or something like that and I don't know how to delete them. .... if you search ciot or Tokyo u will get the page that I'm "working" on and another one (a blank one) and I wanted to know why is that and if u could (or how i can) delete the ciot one. I looked around the site before asking you but I couldn't find anything related so... sorry to bother you :D (and sorry for my English)


For this revert here: http://wikitravel.org/wiki/ro/index.php?title=Mun%C5%A3ii_Apuseni&curid=2740&diff=9896&oldid=9895 I suspected it was a copyvio, but I wasn't able to find it only for the 1st paragraph. So thank you for cleaning up the rest! :D --Vlad 29 iunie 2007 14:51 (EEST)


Could you please explain why you reverted Cluj-Napoca when I added the link to miniMAP.ro? Thanks.

Texugo, it's ok, I'm going to answer directly this user. --Vlad 19 octombrie 2007 16:01 (EEST)