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Texugo and thank you very much for the new blood you've given to this old and dying projects. Please see my answer here: http://wikitravel.org/wiki/ro/index.php?title=Wikitravel%3AHanul_c%C4%83l%C4%83torilor&diff=9180&oldid=9142 --Vlad 6 aprilie 2007 16:45 (EEST)

Ok, I see your point. But in English this construction is easy (see, do, eat etc.) Translating this in other languages gives out incomprehensible syntagms... As you've said it, I'm awfully busy, I'm not even time to make up the proper structure for admin election (but it would be nearly impossible to get the other admins to vote), so I guess that if you point Evan to our discussion, it's up to him to agree (but if you say you're already an admin on other wikitravels, I guess this won't be an issue); after all, it's his project. Cheers! --Vlad 10 aprilie 2007 18:17 (EEST)