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Versiunea din 14 mai 2009 14:02, autor: Tatata (Discuție | contribuții) (Thank you!)
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No problem for the bot status, just give me the special URL for that (I've only recently been nominated as bureaucrat and I could not manage to find where I can change that flag, not even on English WikiTravel. Thanks! --Vlad 14 mai 2009 08:01 (EEST)

Hi Vlad,
I'm not sure because I have no experience in bureaucrat. Maybe, you can flip a bot flag for Utilizator:Tatatabot on Special:Userrights. -- Tatata 14 mai 2009 12:07 (EEST)
You were right, that was the correct page (this was an opportunity for me too to see how it works :) You should be ok now! So keep up the good work! --Vlad 14 mai 2009 14:11 (EEST)
Thank you for the flag and feeding back about the special page. -- Tatata 14 mai 2009 17:02 (EEST)