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and thanks for the helping hand you gave out here! Keep up the good work! --Vlad 7 decembrie 2006 16:16 (EET)

Yeah, Tepes that is and I'm spiking the vandals out there... :) Seriously, I've had less and less time last year to take care of the Romanian wikitravel, but I'm dropping in from time to time (as there isn't too much of activity around here). Maybe I can interest you in the romanian wikipedia? We have a couple of foreign contributors, that have improved their Romanian this way... Cheers! --Vlad 10 ianuarie 2007 16:23 (EET)
Thank you very much for keeping an eye on the CopyLeft page. I've semiprotected the page, let's see if this helps. --Vlad 1 martie 2007 11:29 (EET)

Re: Recentchanges

Hello! Unfortunately, even me I'm not allowed to that, only Evan can. Could you please ask him to do it, as he has protected the Mediawiki space? Thanks! --Vlad 5 martie 2007 18:26 (EET)

Just asked. Let's sit down and wait for a while :) -- Rmx 5 martie 2007 23:28 (EET)