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Welcome Optymystyk! Please plunge forward help this thing grow. I am an administrator here so please let me know if you have any questions. (I'm sorry for the English-- I can more or less read Romanian but cannot yet write it well.) Vlad is the other administrator, and is a native Romanian speaker, but isn't around as much as I am. Let me know if I can help you. Texugo 16 aprilie 2007 08:59 (EEST)

I fixed that little problem. The ciot page is to be copied and pasted when you start a new article. I also noticed that there was already an article for Tokyo but it was spelled "Tokio", so I moved some things from there to add to the current article and made Tokio redirect to Tokyo. I also added a Districte section so we can start some district articles.
If you have time, I'd love to hear your opinion on our current discussion about the ciot template. Please have a look here and tell me what you think. You can also join our discussion on the Portal Comunitate. Thanks for your efforts! Texugo 16 aprilie 2007 09:35 (EEST)
Also just so you know, when you post on Discuţie pages, you can sign your name and date by typing ~~~~. Texugo 16 aprilie 2007 09:58 (EEST)

New article templates

You wrote:

I'm not sure what u meant by "vederi", but the way u put it, it made me think about postcards (that's what it means); I'm guessing here that u wanted to say something like "sights"? and "invatatura"... doesn't quite work...in wikitravel in english I know there's "learn" or something like that. to me "invatatura" doesn't sound really appealing "cotidian" made me think about newspapers somehow, but that's just me...I'm guessing u wanted something similar to daily life ( i forgot how it is in wiki in english) and I'm not sure what u meant by "plecare" (=departure)

Ok, thank you very much for your feedback!
  • For vederi, you are right, I want something that means sights, hopefully without saying ce să vedeţi.
For me "de vazut" (must see) works.
Hmm.. Well we started this revision when Vlad said he didn't really like the fact that most of the template was in the "De + ..." format, but maybe it's okay here. Texugo
  • For the "Learn" section, how about "Cursi"? Texugo
Did u mean cursuri? because I don't know what cursi means and i'm pretty sure it's not even a word
Yes, of course that's what I meant. I'm still a beginner at Romanian, as you can see. Anyway, would Cursuri work okay, in your opinion? Texugo
  • Cotidian was Vlad's suggestion for the "Cope" section, where we put things like libraries, laundromats, embassies, consulates, and public restrooms. Another suggestion is Zi cu zi.
zi cu zi (or zi de zi- frequently used) is just perfect
Okay. Maybe I'll change that one then. Texugo
  • "Sosire". It is supposed to be the "Get out" section, which is usually used for daytrips, nearby destinations
when u say day trip, i think "excursie"
The problem is, it's not only for daytrips. It's also for suggestions of where to go next, advice about leaving a country (exit customs etc.). I had Ieşire there before, but Vlad suggested that since I had Sosire, it would make sense to put its opposite as well (plecare).Texugo

We are basically trying to get short, simple titles, hopefully not the same as you would find in a guidebook at your bookstore. They don't have to tell you everything about what is in the section, since some of the English titles feel kind of weird or incomplete too. If you have any suggested changes please let me know! I am left to rely on you native speakers' opinions, and there isn't much traffic here lately. Texugo 16 aprilie 2007 11:32 (EEST)


Don't worry. This is what I'm here for, to help. Any user can place a picture in an article. First of all, the picture must not be copyrighted and must be compatible with our Copyleft policy (you cannot copy from Wikipedia, for example). Then click on where it says Trimite fişier in the toolbar on the left. Don't forget to choose the type of license. If it is not a Romanian-specific image (like a map with Romanian labels) it is better to upload your image to the Shared version because then the image will be accessible from all language versions.

After you upload it, you can put it in an article using the following format: {{image:Name_of_image_file.jpg|thumb|300px|Description of photo]] To give all articles the same basic format, all images go on the right side. Let me know if you have any more questions! Texugo 16 aprilie 2007 11:45 (EEST)