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Versiunea din 3 noiembrie 2012 06:02, autor: Vlad (Discuție | contribuții) (Re:)
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Hi IBobi. Thank you for your clarification. You say that you hope that Bureaucrat privileges removal is only temporary, but you don't say why you needed to remove them in the first place?!? Bureaucrat extra power is only to make other users admins. Have you noticed any abuse? And I would have very much appreciated a word from you regarding this when you did it: I noticed it, but I didn't understand and felt it like a stab in the back. I mean, ok, you thank me and all, but hey, just to make sure, let's remove this guy's bureaucrat status, and appoint it to themselves (IB employees). Is this the way to treat a community (be it so small on RO WT), Mr. Community Manager? I personally don't think so. You also say: "The only removals of admin privileges have been from anyone who is inactive no edits for 3 months or more) or those who explicitly retired from WT by stating they were no longer going to edit here, on their Talk page." Then how do you explain this: http://wikitravel.org/wiki/ro/index.php?title=Utilizator:Peterfitzgerald&curid=3293&diff=14302&oldid=14250 This guy stated this intention, he never was an admin here, but why blank he's page? I'm not so sure about injecting new life in this language version of WT. As it was never a part of WikiMedia, people didn't bother to come, and those who came thought this was yet another WikiPedia (so articles were copied verbatim from the Romanian WikiPedia). If the Romanian version of WV will see daylight, I think it will be promoted via WikiPedia and people will go there. But of course, this is only my opinion. --Vlad 3 noiembrie 2012 08:01 (EET)