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Thank you

Thank you Alex, for your kind words. Currently, as far as I know, I'm the only native Romanian speaker admin left on this slowly dying version of WT (don't worry, it has been like this for the last couple of years, way before since the more recent events). I'm not sure what IB intends to do with WT, but I can say that I didn't like the way you (and I mean IB employees) suddenly appeared, made themselves admins, removed bureaucrat rights (from myself for instance etc.), and now you come and say thanks for all that I've been doing? I'm really not sure how to interpret that. Anyways, I reckon that besides myself, you also messaged the other 2 persons that expressed interest in a Romanian version of the upcoming travel site under the WikiMedia Foundation umbrella. So, here is what I think: as long as I'm allowed I'll keep an eye on WT (but personally I doubt you'll ever be able to revive a community around this website, on Romanian Wikipedia people are already aware of the new travel website and I guess people will come there), I will; if you want to remove my administrative rights, feel free to do so, there are still things that I can do without (but if I'm to revert the same spambot over and over without being able to block it, I will no longer do it). All the best! --Vlad 26 octombrie 2012 11:21 (EEST)