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Welcome in Polish Wikitravel project.

I have one comment.
We, together with Adam Dziura, take decision that in Polish Wikitravel we have direct link in article te to Polish Wikipedia till the moment when anyone create new article. At the some time when a new article in Polish Wikitravel is create, we change links for internal link. Best Regards Paweł Drozd Drozdp 04:08, 22 maj 2007 (EDT)

I agree with You. But don't forget about reality. Today on Polish Wikitravel we have: one admin non active, one admin visit project once per month and me, who check new editions every day. We have only four active users. If We determine to cancel interlink to Pl Wiki we have only red link in text and nothing to offer for visitors. Every week I make advertising campaign on Pl Wiki IRC, but without success. I still waiting for new users and new admins. BR Paweł Drozd Drozdp 14:25, 22 maj 2007 (EDT)

Red blinkEdytuj

You have still problem with red blink?? Paweł Drozd Drozdp 14:41, 24 maj 2007 (EDT)

Powrót do strony użytkownika „Texugo”.