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Dobrze, ale na razie to zrobie odnosniki do pl wiki. Drozdp 16:27, 20 cze 2006 (EDT)

Czemu mi blinka cały czas czerwone kółko?? Drozdp 04:06, 21 cze 2006 (EDT)

Obok napisu moja dyskusja Drozdp 14:41, 21 cze 2006 (EDT)

  1. A co z jednolitym ukłedaem artykułu???
  2. Co sadzisz o tym co napisałem o Rzymie???
  3. Z przodu chce dac paruzdaniowy opis miasta i napisze wiecej w Polskiejj Wikipedii.

Napiszę do angielskiego adminna i dopuki nie będzie nikogo to poadminuję. Pozdrawiam Drozdp 08:54, 26 cze 2006 (EDT)


Jak piszę szybko to zapominam o pliterkach, staram sie poprawiac, ale trochę przepuszczam. To pozostałość z czasów kiedy koputery nie miały polskich znaków.... Tak było. W zasadzie sie loguję, ale czasami zapominam. Pozdrawiam. Drozdp 15:14, 26 cze 2006 (EDT)


Adam, are there any standardized templates on PL? I'd like to help get some templates into the articles here. Is there any equivilent of {{subst:bigcity}} on PL like there is on EN? Thanks. -- Andrew Haggard (Sapphire)

[en] Administrator nomination

I have nominated you to become an Administrator would you please answer some of the questions I have? Thanks. -- Sapphire 03:43, 5 lip 2006 (EDT)

[en] Moving multilingual coordination to shared:

Adam, sorry for the English, but I don't speak a word of Polish.

We want to move discussion of things that affect all Wikitravellers to Wikitravel Shared. Technical issues (bug reports, feature requests, announcements) and language coordination (language expeditions, go-between reports) would happen there rather than on en:. The goal is to put all Wikitravel language versions on an equal footing.

Discussion is on en:Wikitravel talk:Technical infrastructure policy and en:Wikitravel talk:Language version policy, it would be good to hear from you and from other pl: contributors. --Evan 12:37, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)


Wygląda na to że bedziesz adminiem ;)) 14:35, 10 lip 2006 (EDT) To ja Drozdp 14:37, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)

[en] Sysop

So, I've set your permissions to sysop. You can now do some extra things: 1) You can delete a page. Typically we only do this on Wikitravel after a vote, except for the most trivial pages. 2) You can protect a page so that only admins can edit it. We very rarely use this, and we haven't really needed it. 3) You can block and ban users. I think we've used this once or twice in the last 3 years. 4) You can edit the interface for the site using Special:Allmessages. That's extremely helpful, I hope you can do that. Let me know if there are any problems, and thank you so much for doing this job. --Evan 16:04, 19 lip 2006 (EDT)

[en] Wikitravel Forum

It seems the vandals recreated Wikitravel:Forum I do have a suggestion for you. Instead of deleting the page again place a redirect to the Pub podroznika and then "protect" the page by allowing only registered users or sysops to edit and move the page. That should stop vandalism on that page, but we'll have to be vigilant with reverting vandalism else where. -- Andrew Haggard (Sapphire)