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[[en:Wikitravel:Collaboration of the month]]
[[es:Wikitravel:Colaboración de la semana]]
[[es:Wikitravel:Colaboración de la semana]]
[[fi:Wikitravel:Kuukauden talkookohde]]
[[fr:Wikitravel:Collaboration de la semaine]]
[[sv:Wikitravel:Veckans samarbete]]
[[sv:Wikitravel:Veckans samarbete]]

Versie van 14 mei 2009 om 18:10

The Collaboration of the Week is an opportunity to highlight a specific Wikitravel article that needs improvement in some way. While anyone can edit any article at any time, the Collaboration of the Week provides a way to highlight a single article allowing many contributors to help improve it together.



Updating the Cotw

To update the current Collaboration of the Week you should:

  1. Remove the current collaboration from this page and move the next one up.
  2. Move the current collaboration to the previous collaborations page.
  3. Remove the Cotw template from the current Cotw page and add the Pcotw template to its talk page.
  4. Add the Cotw template to the next collaboration article.
  5. Update the Template:Current COTW with the current COTW.
  6. Clear the cache for the Wikitravel:Project page by clicking here
  7. Clear the cache for the Main Page by clicking here