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Wikitravel:Regels sekstoerisme

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Sex tourism, for this discussion, is the practice of travelling to countries with liberal or poorly enforced sex laws for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities. Sometimes the term specifically refers to travel for the purpose of sex with children.

We prefer not to include sex tourism information on Wikitravel, including:

  • Locations or listings of bordellos or bars that sell sexual services
  • pricing info for prostitution
  • tips for picking up prostitutes
  • "quality" information on prostitutes in different destinations

Strip clubs and adult oriented stores are acceptable. Descriptions of locations or areas where prostitutes may be found -- so-called "red light districts" -- may be useful to non-sex tourists. For example, Amsterdam's red light district is a major tourist attraction, even for those who aren't soliciting prostitutes. The same goes for bars or restaurants or hotels or other sights that may be of general interest.

Note that this applies whether or not prostitution is legal in the destination.

See also: illegal activities policy