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Honolulu Aliiolani Hale.jpg
  • Het Iolani-paleis (afgebeeld) in Honolulu, Hawaii, is het enige koninklijke paleis in de Verenigde Staten dat ooit door een monarch gebruikt is.
  • De studenten die je gidsen door het Durham-kasteel in Durham (Engeland) zijn niet zomaar werknemers, ze zijn de residenten van de oudste studentenaccommodatie ter wereld.
  • De dames-wc's in de China Blue Bar in Boise, Idaho, heeft zijn eigen privé-champagnebar en -barman.
  • Sculpturen in Sligo herdenken de periode dat het dorp belangrijk was als port of embarkation gedurende de Ierse hongersnood halverwege de 19de eeuw.
  • In het hart van San Diego bevindt zich een kattencafé. Hier kun je lekker koffie drinken en als kattenliefhebber genieten van de aanwegize katten, en er eventueel een adopteren (dit voor inwoners natuurlijk).

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  • Access to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, USA is occasionally interrupted by missile tests launched from a nearby Air Force base.
  • In Bangladesh, don't miss the chance to have a bony bite of hilsa, the officially designated national fish.
  • A move is afoot to rename Volusia County, Florida to NASCAR County (note the caps) because of its main attraction, the Daytona International Speedway.
  • The written language of Thailand is notoriously difficult to read because of a complete absence of space between words.
  • Town names on the Malaysian island of Langkawi include "Gravy", "Broken Crockery" and "Seeping".
  • The Liberty Hotel in Boston occupies a former prison.
  • The Nongae Shrine in Jinju, South Korea memorializes a courtesan who seduced an invading general and then killed him (and herself).
  • Ketchikan, Alaska is one of the rainiest cities in North America, with just over 150 inches of average annual precipitation.
  • The Aloft Loft on Chicago's Far West Side is home to a theater group composed entirely of trapeze artists.
  • The English town of Woking was the landing place for the aliens in H. G. Wells' original "War of the Worlds" fiction, a fact commemorated by art work around the town.
  • Laos derives its roots and its name from a 14th-century kingdom with the name Lane Xang -- meaning "Million Elephants".
  • The volcano on the eponymous island of Vulcano is hiker-friendly, and is one of the few places in the world where you can view droplets of molten sulfur.
  • A memorial in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA honors World War II's most decorated battleship (the USS South Dakota), even though the town is hundreds of miles from any ocean.

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  • Menton Fête du Citron: There's a lemon party and you're invited! Lemon-related festivities over several days in February. (de-outline, wait for Feb)
  • The tallest flagpole in the United States of America is in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and is nearly 340 feet tall. (destub)
  • The temple of Wat Lan Khuad in Si Saket Province, Thailand is built entirely from glass bottles — and the frescoes are made from bottle caps. (destub)
  • The town of Kristinestad, Finland has a road called Kattpiskargränden, which means Cat Spanker Alley.
  • By tradition, the sand spit of Amanohashidate, one of Japan's Three Views, is best viewed upside down from between your legs.
  • Northern Kentucky is home to the Creation Museum, which teaches the Book of Genesis as literal truth. (de-outline)
  • The Ox in Castlefield, Manchester is the only pub in the United Kingdom to be named after a potato.(about to overhaul districts in Manchester)
  • The name of the Japanese town of Shiojiri means "Salt Butt". (destub)

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