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Wikitravel:Hoe hernoem ik een pagina

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Sometimes it's necessary to rename a page in Wikitravel. Maybe the page title has a spelling error; maybe it doesn't conform to the article naming conventions; maybe it was accidentally created in the wrong namespace. In any case, this is how you rename (or "move") a page.

  • Go to the page as it exists right now.
  • Click the Move this page link.
  • In the form provided, give the title of the new page, without the square brackets ("[[]]").
  • Unless there's a real good reason, leave the Move "talk" page checkbox checked.
  • Hit the Move page button.
  • Go to the talk page for the new page, and add a note explaining why the page was moved.

The old name of the page will be kept as a "redirect" page. Any links to the old name will automatically be "redirected" to the new name. However, it's best to go update existing pages that link to the old name, and replace the links with the new name.

  • Go to the new page, and click the What links here button. This will show you all the other articles in Wikitravel that link to this page. The old name of the page will be shown as a "redirect page", and links to the old name of the page will be shown underneath it.
  • Go to all the pages that link to the old name, and update the links so they point to the new name.

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