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Regel 25: Regel 25:
[[Afbeelding:OC_Transpo_rapid_transit_map.png|thumb|Kaart van OC Transpo]]
[[Afbeelding:OC_Transpo_rapid_transit_map.png|thumb|Kaart van OC Transpo]]
*'''Parliament Hill'''
*'''Canadian War Museum'''
There are many national museums and galleries in Ottawa and neighbouring [[Gatineau]].  All museums in Ottawa have free admission on Canada Day, July 1, although they are generally very crowded.
*'''Science and Technology Museum'''
*'''Museum of Nature'''
*'''Parliament Hill''' [] &mdash; the primary attraction for most visitors is Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill is in the middle of downtown Ottawa, overlooking the Ottawa River.  Not only is the building a fine example of the Gothic revival style, it makes an excellent starting point to visit all other points of interest in the area. Tours of the building are available daily with multiple tours (in both official languages) available at staggered times throughout the day. The centre block tour is the most popular as it includes inside views of the House of Commons, the Senate, and the newly renovated Library of Parliament. Same day tickets are free and available on a first come first served basis from 9:00 AM.  Pick up your ticket as early as possible to have the best chance of securing a start time that works for you. Tours last from 20 to 60 minutes depending on building activity. If there are no more tickets available or you have to wait for your time, a fine self-guided walking tour around the grounds of Parliament Hill will keep you busy. Free booklets are available at the visitors' centre. One of the nicer, unexpected views, looking from the bottom up, can be accessed at the back of the Parliament Buildings -- that vantage point also provides a river view of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, across the river in Gatineau (formerly known as Hull). But the walk down from the west corner of the Centre Block allows visitors to visit the Hill cats, housed there. Behind the Parliament Buildings at sunset is a sight to remember. You can walk by the Rideau Canal locks (at the east corner) and visit the Bytowne Museum at river level. The locks divide Parliament Hill from the Chateau Laurier, a former railway hotel. The Chateau Laurier hotel once housed the offices of CBC radio in Ottawa as well as the studio of well-known photographer Yousuf Karsh (who recently passed away). Several framed Karsh photographs are hung in the hotel lounge. His (and his wife's) home suite is now available for guests and displays a small sampling of framed prints on the walls.
*'''National Gallery'''  
*'''Parliament Hill Sound & Light Show''' [] &mdash; developed by the National Capital Commission, the Sound & Light Show is a 30 minute film about Canada projected on the centre block of the Parliament Buildings. Bleacher seating is available and no reservations or tickets required.  There are two showings nightly during the summer months.
*'''Supreme Court of Canada'''
*'''Royal Canadian Mint'''  
*'''Canadian War Museum''' [] &mdash; Moved to a new building west of downtown in 2005 but still within walking distance of the downtown attractions, the museum presents Canada's involvement in armed conflict beginning with battles between the French and British, through to the World Wars, Korea, and the country's current involvement in NATO and UN operations. Admission is $10/adult. A joint War Museum and Museum of Civilization ticket can be purchased for $15. Admission is free on Thursdays after 6pm.
*'''National Aviation Museum'''  
*'''Museum of Civilization'''[] &mdash; This museum presents the story of Canada's population beginning with Aboriginal migration across the Bering Strait through European settlement by the Vikings around 1000 BC, and the British and French in the 1500s.  The museum is full of a variety of items ranging from full size Salish totem poles to the recreation of a small prairie town complete with grain elevator.  The museum also includes an exhibit on Canada Post and a separate museum for children. Admission is $10/adult.  A joint War Museum and Museum of Civilization ticket can be purchased for $15. Admission is free on Thursdays after 6pm.
*'''Bank of Canada Currency Museum'''
*'''Science and Technology Museum'''[] &mdash; The museum has several displays that are popular with children, including massive locomotives inside the building and electricity demonstrations.
*'''Canada Agriculture Museum'''
*'''Museum of Nature''' [] Currently under renovation, but still accessible to the public.
*'''National Gallery''' [] Admission is free on Thursdays after 6pm.
*'''Supreme Court of Canada''' [] &mdash; Canada's highest court and the best example in Ottawa of Art Deco architecture. Its marble Grand Entrance Hall is particularly impressive. Admission is free, booking is required during low season (Sept. 1st - April 30th).
*'''Royal Canadian Mint''' []
*'''National Aviation Museum''' []
*'''Bank of Canada Currency Museum''' [] &mdash; Free admission.
*'''Canada Agriculture Museum''' [] A working animal farm in the city. You can visit animal barns, see various demonstrations and exhibitions, and ride on a horse-drawn wagon. The museum also has a playground and picnic area. It is very popular with young children and a welcome change of pace for kids who have seen enough history after visiting some of the other sights.
=== Voor de sports fans ===
Voor de sports fans:
* '''Ottawa Senators''' [] -- National Hockey League (NHL)
* '''Ottawa Senators''' [] -- National Hockey League (NHL)
* '''Ottawa 67's''' [] -- Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
* '''Ottawa 67's''' [] -- Canadian Hockey League (CHL)

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Ottawa is de hoofdstad van Canada en ligt in de provincie Ontario aan de Ottawa rivier en het Rideau kanaal tegenover Gatineau, in de Franstalige provincie Quebec.

Parliament Hill


Uniek als Noord Amerikaanse hoofdstad is de tweetaligheid. De meerderheid spreekt Engels, de minderheid Frans. Veel immigranten vanuit de hele wereld zijn naar Ottawa gekomen om daar te wonen en te werken. De stad staat het meest bekend als hoofdstad maar ook als een van de snelstgroeiende steden wat betreft High Tech. Hierdoor wordt Ottawa ook wel het Silicon Valley of the North genoemd.

Erheen reizen


Het gerenoveerde en uitgebreide MacDonald-Cartier International (airport code YOW) is Ottawa's grootste vliegveld met regelmatige aankomsten en vertrekken naar de meeste Canadese en veel Amerikaanse steden. Frequente vluchten buiten Noord Amerika gaan enkel naar London Heathrow met Air Canada, minder frequente vluchten gaan met Zoom Airlines naar London Gatwick en Glasgow (via Halifax). Air France, KLM, en Swiss International Airlines hebben een shuttle bus service tussen Ottawa en Montreal.


Via Rail verzorgt in Canada de treindiensten van Montreal en Toronto naar Ottawa.


Ottawa is ongeveer 4.5 uur rijden van Toronto via de 401 en 416 snelwegen. Montreal is 2 uur rijden via snelweg 417. De Amerikaanse grens bij Ogdensburg, New York (state) is maar 45 minutes naar het zuiden.


Voyageur/Greyhound rijdt van Ottawa naar Montreal, Toronto en alle andere steden in Noord Amerika. Het bus station is downtown op de hoek van Catherine Street en Kent Street, tussen Bronson Avenue en Bank Street.


De stad is ook bereikbaar vis het Rideau kanaal die stroomt tussen de St. Lawrence rivier bij Kingston naar de Ottawa rivier bij Ottawa.


Kaart van OC Transpo


Voor de sports fans

  • Ottawa Senators [1] -- National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Ottawa 67's [2] -- Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
  • Ottawa Lynx [3] -- Triple 'A' minor league baseball
  • Ottawa Wizards [4] -- Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL)


  • Ottawa Jazz Festival [5]
  • Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival [6], een van de grootste kamermuziek festivals ter wereld.
  • Bluesfest [7]
  • The Fringe Festival [8]
  • Winterlude [9], een groot winterfestival met o.a.wintersportwedstrijden en een ijssculpturen park.
  • The Tulip Festival [10], een jaarlijks tulpenfestival waar veel bandjes optreden en dat in zijn geheel betaald wordt door de Nederlandse regering als dank voor de opvang van de Koninklijke familie in de 2de Wereld Oorlog.
  • Canada Day [11]


De twee bekendste universiteiten in de stad zijn Carleton University en de tweetalige University of Ottawa. De tweetalige St. Paul's University is een katholieke universiteit met banden met de University of Ottawa, hier wordt vooral gefocused op theologie en sociale wetenschappen. Dominican University College is een Dominicaanse universitit.



  • Byward Market in het oude gedeelte van de stad heeft veel kleine winkeltjes.
  • Rideau Center is het grootste overdekte winkelcentrum van Ottawa
  • Rideaustreet tussen de Byward Market en het Rideau Center is een lange straat met een grote verscheidenheid aan winkels.


  • Beaver Tails
  • Maple Syrup





  • Zaphod Beeblebrox, een echte Noord Amerikaans Rockcafé.
  • Café Sips, cigarbar.
  • The Royal Oak



  • Ottawa Jail Hostel, 75 Nicholas Street, 235-2595, [12].
  • Ottawa Backpackers Inn, 203 York Street, 1-888-394-0334, [13].





911 is het algemene alarmnummer voor politie, brandweer en ambulance. Vooral in het noorden van het "downtown" gedeelte, rondom het busstation en bij de snelweg kan het vooral in de avond en nacht onveilig zijn. Hier komen af en toe berovingen voor. Rond Dalhousiestreet is er veel straatprostitutie.

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