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이곳은 위키트래블러가 들었거나 들을 수도 있다고 여겨지는 자주 묻는 질문을 모은 곳입니다.

이곳에서 질문을 찾을 수 없을 경우에는 travellers' pub에서 직접 질문을 해보세요. 아마도 누군가가 곧 답변을 해줄 수 있을 것입니다.


일반적인 질문들

Wikitravel이 무엇인가요?

Wikitravel자유롭고, 완벽하며, 신속한, 믿을 수 있는 전세계 여행 가이드로, 전세계 여러 나라의 Wikitraveler들이 서로 협동하여 만들어 가고 있습니다. Wikitravel의 소개 문서에서 Wikitravel에 대하여 더욱 자세히 알아볼 수 있습니다.

(Phew! That was an easy one.)

당신들은 누구죠?

우리는 Wikitraveler입니다. Wikitravel을 최고의 여행 가이드로 만드는 것에 몰두하는 전세계 출신의 사람들이죠. 우리 중 대부분은 여러분처럼 사이트를 돌아다니기만 하다가 자신의 지식을 공유하기 시작하였습니다.

편집과 구성은 누가 하나요?

우리 Wikitraveler가 합니다. 문서를 만들고 편집하고, 분류를 나누고, 각 문서를 연결하고, 안내 문서를 만드는 등의 여러가지 작업을 하고 있습니다.

그러니까, 누구든지 인터넷을 돌아다니다가 여행 문서 쓰기를 시작할 수 있다는 거죠?

That's the idea, yes. We use a technique called Wiki that lets any reader edit any page, instantly.

글쎄, 그래서는 제대로 굴러가지 못할텐데.

우우우. 질문이 아니잖아요.

How is that supposed to ever work?

Doesn't seem like it ever could, does it? With anyone able to edit any page, things should just descend into terrible chaos, shouldn't they? Madness, mayhem, and a horrible bog of unusable drivel.

Strangely enough, it doesn't. People who care about having well-written travel articles on this site are the majority. People who just want to vandalize or delete things eventually get bored with it -- and, you have to admit, it's not that much of a challenge -- and the rest of us come in and clean up.

The other great part is that wikis converge. One Wikitraveller adds as much as they know about a topic, and others start adding more information. Other people come through and condense it all so it reads well. As the topic changes -- new hotels open in a city, new bus routes start between regions -- more Wikitravellers can add that in.

It's strange, and it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it just happens. It's really cool.

I still don't believe it.


Do you have any proof that this works?

Well, we have the existence proof of other projects that create references collaboratively. Probably the most famous one is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many of our policies and guidelines are borrowed from that project.

OK, so, there's all this hippy-dippy love stuff about working together, but who's really in charge?

You are. Any Wikitraveller can change articles, rewrite navigation areas, even overwrite information about the site itself. We try to make decisions about policy and guidelines collaboratively, but if you have a good idea for how we should work, plunge forward and let us know.

That all said, there are certain Wikitravellers who've been working on the site for a while, and they can become Administrators. Administrators generally get some higher access -- like really deleting pages instead of blanking them -- but not much. It's more of a burden than a privilege.

In really extreme situations, the operators of the site, Internet Brands, Inc will set down some rules and precepts. But mostly we just decide for ourselves, and it kind of works out.

Who owns the site? Who operates the servers?

The content of the site is owned by Wikitravel contributors, who each own the copyright to their own contributions, and agree to license them according to the Creative Commons by-sa license. If you've found a photo or another work by a single contributor on Wikitravel, and would like to use it under different terms from that license, please contact the creator of that work directly.

The domain names, and, and the equipment the site runs on is owned and operated by Internet Brands, Inc. Wikitravel™ is a trademark of Internet Brands.

Who pays for all this?

Internet Brands foots the bill. The site recovers its costs through advertising and through printed guidebooks. If you have created an account, you can choose to disable ads, just toggle "Wikitravel > Do not show ad column" in Special:Preferences.

Wikitravel does not accept money from any attraction, restaurant, hotel, tour operator or other travel-related company in exchange for favorable coverage. (They're welcome to contribute in other ways, though.)

What is this nifty software you're running?

We use MediaWiki, the software developed by Wikipedia, with some totally tiny changes for Wikitravel. You can get it from .

How do I spell "Wikitravel"?

Capital W, eye, kay, eye, tee, arr, ay, vee, ee, ell. The "t" in the middle is not capitalized -- try to avoid the temptation.

How do I pronounce "Wikitravel"?

People vary on the "Wiki" part. It's either "WEE-kee-TRAH-vuhl" or "WIH-kee-TRAH-vuhl."

Where's the contact information?

There isn't any. If you have a question about an article in particular, post it on the talk page for that article. If you have a question about Wikitravel in general, try posting in the travellers' pub.

콘텐츠에 관해서

이거 순 다 틀렸잖아요! 좀 고쳐요!

여기는 위키 사이트입니다. 즉, 여러분이 직접 고칠 수 있다는 뜻입니다! 문서 상단의 편집 탭 또는 섹션별로 달려 있는 [편집] 버튼을 클릭한 다음, 불만이 있는 부분을 고치시면 됩니다.

X라는 토픽을 찾고 싶은데, X에 대한 문서가 없어요!

We're still a new project, and there are huge parts of the globe we haven't even thought about writing about yet. Feel free to plunge forward and start the outline of an article. Maybe other Wikitravellers will add to it.

You can also add a request for an article on that topic.

X 문서를 찾긴 했는데, 내용이 달랑 한줄 뿐이에요!

Some topics only have stubs covering them, and there are huge parts of the globe we've only begun to work on. If you don't think there's enough information on a topic, feel free to plunge forward and add more.

X 문서를 찾긴 했는데, “ㅁㄴㅇ라ㅓㅁㅇ리ㅏㅓㄹㅇ 후장이나 빨아라”라고 적혀 있어요!

그건 전형적인 반달 행위입니다. Feel free to plunge forward and delete the vandal's garbage and replace it with a full article, or at least a stub.

Make sure to check the article's history (there will be a "history" link at the top of the page) and look at the second or third revision listed to make sure there wasn't content that was blanked. You can edit, add to, and save that version to preserve the original content.

I have an idea for an article, but I don't know exactly how to get started.

Check out how to start a new page.

I have some information I want to share, but I don't know what to do with it.

The article templates documentation explains the section headings, and how the articles are laid out. We also have a page that tells you where you can stick it.

The article on my destination is great, but I still have some questions.

See if your destination has a "docent". That's what we call Wikitravellers who have volunteered to answer questions about their favorite spots. Ask them your questions, but don't abuse their generosity! You can read more about docents.

편집에 관해서

This all looks like gobbledygook! How do I edit these pages?

Pages on Wikitravel are formatted using Wiki markup. It looks funny at first, but after a while it seems like second nature. You should read about how to edit a page.

How do I upload an image to use in an article?

You should follow the instructions on how to upload files.

How do I put an image I uploaded into an article?

You should follow the instructions on Wikitravel:how to add an image.

Hey! I wrote this long nice article on Topic X, and it got changed! What gives?

Any Wikitraveller can edit any page. When you submit an article, it's subject to ruthless editing for style, subject matter, spelling, factual information, and just generally fitting into the Wikitravel scheme of things. If you don't like that, you shouldn't work on Wikitravel.

Hey! I changed my nice long article on Topic X back to the way it was before, and it got changed again! What gives?

You're in an edit war. You need to go to the talk page for the topic you're writing about and work out your differences with the other article editors.

How do I delete a whole page?

You can't delete a page directly. The procedure is somewhat more complicated: Go to Wikitravel:Votes for deletion and add a link to the page together with a reason for deletion. After fourteen days of discussion the page will be deleted unless there is a consensus to keep it.

How do I sign a posting?

When posting a message on a talk page it is customary to sign the posting with your user name and the posting date so that everyone knows who you are (for example: "User 15:35, 6 May 2005 (EDT)"). To get that text to appear automatically, simply type four tildes ("~~~~"), and they will be replaced with your user name and the current date when the edit is submitted.

언어에 관해서

Ash blash g'nash foosh manoosh? (<- something that does not make sense)

Huh? (<- what?)

미안하지만, 저는 한국어를 잘 하지 못해요. 내 모국어로도 Wikitravel 문서를 만들 수 있을까요?

Yes, if there is a separate Wikitravel version for your language. See Language versions for the current list.

If Wikitravel in your language does not exist yet, you can start your own language version! To find out more, see our language version policy.

그래도 제 한국어 실력은 형편없어요. 창피하다구요.

Don't worry too much about the level of your Korean. Your spelling errors will be corrected by other people. We really want you to share your knowledge!wts:FAQ