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경고! 바람잡이가 데려다 줬을 경우 방값이 더 비쌉니다

많은 나라에서 사업가는 바람잡이를 고용하여 고객을 청합니다. 바람잡이는 기차역, 공항 또는 공개된 플라자로가서 여행자를 고용자의 사업을 방문하게 억지합니다.

Wikitravel specifically strives to avoid being an "advertising brochure" for any business, city, or service. Business employees, like everyone, are welcome to add information to Wikitravel, but we're making a travel guide, not a business brochure. Our tone should reflect this, so please don't tout in your writing.

Try to avoid language that urges or pushes the traveler to do this or that. Instead, give the traveler the information they need to decide on their own. Rather than speaking from the point of view of an advertiser or marketeer, use the voice of an experienced traveler sharing knowledge with another.


일반 지침[편집]

Some specific considerations for anyone adding a listing:

  • 같은 곳을 여러차례 목록화하지 마세요. Yes, a guesthouse may have a restaurant, a bar, an internet cafe and a dance show, but you need to pick one of "See", "Eat", "Drink", "Sleep" and "Contact" to slot it under. That said, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis if, for example, a hotel has a famous, separately named bar or restaurant that also draws significant numbers of non-resident customers. Also note that businesses should be listed in only one article for the town in which the business operates.
  • 비슷하게, 한곳에 하나이상의 연결을 하지마세요 on one page. There is never a reason to do so, and will mark your contributions as advertising spam in the eyes of other editors.
  • 서술하고 억지하지마세요. Use the indicative mood to describe ("The food at Restaurant X is freshly prepared when ordered."), rather than the imperative mood for commanding ("Come to Restaurant X and sample its delicious fare straight from the oven!").
  • Avoid using flowery, vague terms in descriptions, instead describe why it is so great. "This stunningly wonderful hotel is fabulously luxurious!" is meaningless; "More staff than guests, three heated swimming pools, and each room has a jacuzzi, a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and panoramic windows with views of the Mighty Mountains" tells much more. "Good music, terrific staff and a great atmosphere" could apply to any bar; "Dark, smoky den crowded with local hipsters, with knowledgeable bartenders and live jazz on Fridays" gives some idea of what to expect.
  • Avoid superlatives (the best, the biggest, the tastiest, the most fascinating) unless they are of specific interest to the traveler.
  • Avoid vague assertions of proximity to nearby attractions. The description section of a listing is for describing that listing, not the rest of the town. If it's on the opposite side of the street from the ferris wheel, note that, but otherwise save descriptions of the area's attractions for "see" section. Instead, contribute detailed lat-long coordinates of the property (see Wikitravel:Geocoding)—it will be much more helpful for a traveler choosing a place to stay.

사업가를 위한 가이드라인[편집]

Business owners are encouraged to add information about their hotel, restaurant, or other travel-related business to Wikitravel, but the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Create a user account and identify yourself as the owner of the business on your user page. Doing so adds some transparency by clearly identifying you as a business owner, and also gives travelers a way to contact you with questions.
  • Never remove competitors' listings from articles or edit them negatively. If there is a problem with a listing it can always be edited for accuracy, and if an establishment is truly vile it can be removed after being discussed on the article's talk page. Removing the listings of competing businesses without discussion is strongly frowned upon.
  • Never remove negative comments left by others about your establishment. If you think the comments are unfair, say so on the Talk page and let the community reach a conclusion.
  • As indicated above, describe the establishment rather than trying to sell the establishment. People use Wikitravel because it is a travel site built by travelers, and listings that read like advertisements tend to stand out in a negative way.
  • Include exact prices. We know you hate to do this, but travelers will simply ignore listings that have no prices. Vague terms like "reasonable" or "affordable" are worse than useless.
  • Also noted above, do not list your establishment many times. An establishment should be listed in the article for the town in which it is located, but it should be listed only once within that article and it should not be copied into articles about neighboring towns, regions, parks, etc. If an article about the town has not yet been created, create it.

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