"타오르미나(Taormina)"의 두 판 사이의 차이

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(같은 사용자의 중간 판 2개는 보이지 않습니다)
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상당수의 배낭여행객들은 인근의 비치리조트인 [[지아디니 낙소스(Giardini Naxos)]] (해안을 따라서 타오르미나 남쪽 3km지점에 있다)와 북쪽으로 5km지점에 있는[[레토자니(Letojanni)]]에서 숙박한다.
상당수의 배낭여행객들은 인근의 비치리조트인 [[지아디니 낙소스(Giardini Naxos)]] (해안을 따라서 타오르미나 남쪽 3km지점에 있다)와 북쪽으로 5km지점에 있는[[레토자니(Letojanni)]]에서 숙박한다.
==가는 법==
=='''가는 법'''==
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카타니아로 가는 항공편을 찾아보라. 거기서 차를 렌트하여 타오르미나로 올 수도 있다.
카타니아로 가는 항공편을 찾아보라. 거기서 차를 렌트하여 타오르미나로 올 수도 있다.
==Get around==
===By foot===
The main street of Taormina is pedestrianised, making it easy to wander around by foot.
타오르미나의 주요 도로는 포장이 되어 있으므로 도보로 돌아다니기가 좋다.
===By car===
===By car===
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==Get out==
=='''주변 지역'''==
*'''[[Castelmola]]''' - a hilltop village 5km above Taormina with even better views. Several buses up (you can walk down if you have time).
*'''[[Castelmola]]''' - a hilltop village 5km above Taormina with even better views. Several buses up (you can walk down if you have time).

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타오르미나는 시칠리아 동부해안의 능선에 위치한 매력적인 도시이며 시칠리아의 주요한 관광명소이다. 7, 8월에는 덥고 이탈리아인 관광객들로 붐비지만 나머지 시기는 훨씬 쾌적하고 덜 붐빈다.

상당수의 배낭여행객들은 인근의 비치리조트인 지아디니 낙소스(Giardini Naxos) (해안을 따라서 타오르미나 남쪽 3km지점에 있다)와 북쪽으로 5km지점에 있는레토자니(Letojanni)에서 숙박한다.

가는 법[편집]


메시나(Messina)카타니아(Catania)간에 정기적인 기차편이 있다. 하지만 기차역(타오르미나-쟈디니(Taormina-Giardini)라고 한다)은 도시 중심부로부터 해안가쪽으로 2km 아래쪽에 위치하고 있다. 기차역으로 가는 버스도 몇몇 있기는 하지만 중심가에서 장거리 버스를 타고 목적지로 직접 향하는 것이 보다 편리할 때가 많다.


메시나(Messina)카타니아(Catania)사이에 정기적인 버스편이 있다.


카타니아로 가는 항공편을 찾아보라. 거기서 차를 렌트하여 타오르미나로 올 수도 있다.



타오르미나의 주요 도로는 포장이 되어 있으므로 도보로 돌아다니기가 좋다.

By car[편집]

If coming in by car, you may enter the town center only to go to a hotel or a rented house: local police may require to see proof of booking. In alternative, it's better to park the car at one of the 2 large public parkings ('Parcheggio Lumbi' or "Parcheggio Porta Catania") that you encounter on the outskirts of the city coming in. From there, either walk to the city center (just 2 min from 'Parcheggio Porta Catania'/around 10 min but uphill from 'Parcheggio Lumbi') or catch the shuttle buses running continously to the center.

However, there are regular shuttle buses down to Giardini-Naxos, the train station, Letojanni and up to Castelmola.

There is also a frequent Cable Car down to the beach at Mazarro. The cable car runs from 8am till 1am during the summer months.

See[편집][add listing]

  • Teatro Greco - impressive open-air (mainly Roman(!)) theatre, with great views up and down the coast and across to Mount Etna. Entrance fee €6.00. Virtual tour
  • The Torre dell'Orogio clock tower.
  • Taormina Information[1].

Do[편집][add listing]

  • Wander up and down the main street - Corso Umberto I taking in the sights
  • Purchase a mulberry ("gelsi" in Italian) granite, or other delicious ice cream

Buy[편집][add listing]

There are plenty of souvenir shops. The Limoncello - a sweet lemon alcoholic drink served chilled after a meal is refreshing and sold widely.

Eat[편집][add listing]

Taormina has plenty of restaurants. The Spada - Swordfish is recommended.

Sleep[편집][add listing]


  • Hotel Del Corso, Corso Umberto 238 - Porta Catania, Tel: +39 0942 628698 - Fax: +39 0942 629856, [2]. Hotel del Corso, on Corso Umberto I and the Naxos Bay, in the heart of Taormina.
  • Youth Hostel is friendly and convenient, although difficult to find.
  • The Dolphins Guest House has a number of single, double and triple bed rooms starting from 25 euros. Good location, spacious, and clean accommodation for all travellers. [3].

Mid Range[편집]

  • Hotel Jonic Strada Statale 114, n. 224 Tel: +39 0942 23112 - fax. +39 0942 628515" URL: [4]. 3 star hotel overlooking the Bay of Mazzaró in the historical part of Taormina. Close to the transport link down to the beach.
  • Hotel La Pensione Svizzera Taormina - via Luigi Pirandello, 26 - 93039 Phone +39 0942.23790 fax +39 0942.625906 [5]. In a scenic location in Taormina, just a stone's throw from the town center.
  • Grand Hotel Timeo, Via Teatro Greco, 59, + 39 0942 23801 [6]. In 1906 it housed the Grand Hotel Timeo Guillermo II of Hohenzollern, Duke of Prussia and the Emperor of Germany, and in his honour the most prestigious suite in the hotel is dedicated to him. It is located in a park approximately 20.000 metres squared. Other NH Hotels in Taormina[7]
  • Hotel Villa Caterina, Via Silipigni, 17, 98039 Taormina (MESSINA), Ph. +39 0942.24709, Fax +39 0942.24709 [8]. Among the sweet scents and colors of Sicily, a warm hospitality in a dream setting. A splendid villa immersed in greenery, just a few steps away from the sea and the old town center of Taormina. Twin room from 102€.
  • Hotel Villa Gaia, Via Fazzello, 34, 98039 Taormina (MESSINA), Ph. +39 0942 23185, Fax +39 0942 23185 [9]. The 2** Hotel Villa Gaia is situated in the historic center of Taormina, just 30 meters from the Duomo, a splendid example of sixteenth-century Gothic architecture, and the famous Corso Umberto I, the most elegant street in the city, with its high fashion boutiques and antique shops. Single room from 85€, double from 120€.
  • Hotel Villa Il Glicine, Viale S. Pancrazio 25-27, 98039 Taormina (MESSINA), Ph. 0039 0942 23112 , Fax 0039 0942 628515 [10]. The Villa Il Glicine is a group of family sized luxury apartments with private terraces and facilities and the services of the nearby 3 star Hotel Jonic for extra convenience. Full kitchen facilities and home comforts are all provided in this brand new structure.
  • Hotel Villa Schuler, Taormina, Sicily, Piazzetta Bastione/Via Roma, I-98039 Taormina. Ph. 0039 0942 23481 Fax 0039 0942 23522 www.hotelvillaschuler.com [11]. Spectacular and unique views of Mt.Etna and frontal view of the bay of Naxos. Surrounded by its own extensive gardens. Central and quiet position, conveniently located to all major attractions. 21 spacious rooms and 5 Junior Suites with scenic views, 24H room service, parking, garages, solarium, sport activities and shuttle-service to the hotel-beach. Doubles from 134€ (special low season periods also from 99€).
  • Hotel Taodomus, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, Corso Umberto, 224, I-98039 Taormina. Tel. 0039 (0)942 62 83 15 - Fax 0039 (0) 942 62 44 46 www.taodomushoteltaormina.com [12]. Situated in the very historical centre, just in Taormina’s main street, the Taodomus hotel gives to his guest the chance to taste the magic atmosphere of Sicily, made of history, culture, art, shopping and nightlife. The Taodomus hotel Taormina, the best place for people who want to relax in a refined, quiet and welcoming space, is located between piazza del Duomo, with its famous baroque fountain, and Porta Catania, where Taormina’s main street, Corso Umberto I di Taormina, begins.
  • Hotel Caparena, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, Via Nazionale, 189, 98039 Taormina. Tel. +39 (0)942 65 20 33 - Fax +39 (0) 942 36 913 www.hotelcaparena.com [13][14]. Spacious rooms and luxurious living, the Hotel Caparena is a 4 star hotel located right on the beach in Taormina. Hotel features 3 restaurants, 3 bars and a Wellness and beauty centre.


  • Hotel Villa Carlotta Taormina, Via Pirandello 81, 98039 Taormina (Messina) - Ph. +39 0942 626058, Fax 0039 0942 23732 [15]. Castle-like Sicilian villa.
  • Hotel Giardino dei Greci, C.Da Sirina - Via dei Sei Mulini 98030 Giardini Naxos (Messina), Tel. +39 0942.51514, Fax +39 0942.550079 [16]. Right on the bay of Taormina, the delightful sea, ancient history and Sicilian traditions combined with lively summer gathering places, seaside promenades and sophisticated and typical locales.
  • Hotel Méditerranée , Via Circonvallazione, 61, Tel. 0039 0942 23901• Fax: 0039 0942 21231 [17]. Top quality 4 star hotel overlooking the sea from a great height, with outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and large meeting facilities plus the option to use the private beach of the sister hotel on the coast.
  • Hotel Villa Sirina, Via Crocifisso, 30, 98039. Tel. +39 0942 51776, Fax +39 0942 51671. [18]. Villa Sirina is a historic villa located at the foot of Taormina with a wonderful view of the blue sea of Giardini-Naxos Bay.
  • Hotel Villa Taormina, Via Tommaso Fazzello, 39, 98039 Taormina (Messina), Ph. +39 0942 620072, Fax +39 0942.623003 [19]. An antique residence in the heart of Taormina surrounded by a typical Sicilian garden full of perfumed essences hosts the Hotel Villa Taormina, a small luxurious residence. Antique furnishings, a panoramic terrace with a splendid view.
  • Hotel Villa Sant Andrea, The Hotel Villa Sant'Andrea is ideally located on the bay of Mazzarò, in the immediate proximity of Taormina.

It was built in 1830 by an aristocratic British family, and was transformed into a hotel in 1950. It's the ideal centre to admire the artistic and natural beauties of Eastern Sicily, Castelmola, Naxos and the Alcantara's Gorges, Etna Mountain, the baroque Acireale, and of course Catania and Siracusa. 0.

주변 지역[편집]

  • Castelmola - a hilltop village 5km above Taormina with even better views. Several buses up (you can walk down if you have time).
  • Plenty of agencies offer day trips to Mount Etna. You are not allowed to walk right to the top unless you have a guide (and possibly not even then, depending on the state of the eruptive activity), but the lava flows are impressive. It is over 3000m high, so wear warm clothes - it can be cold even in summer, and the top is often covered in cloud.

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