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ウィキトラベルのライセンスは、クリエイティブ・コモンズ帰属 - 同一条件許諾ライセンス第1.0版に基づいています。ウィキトラベル内の記事や画像データを再配布する場合は、次の条件を守る必要があります。

  1. その記事の権利は、元記事の作成者に対して帰属させなければなりません。
  2. その記事を編集し、または再配布する場合は、元記事の著作者が持っていたのと同じ条件(つまり、完全に自由な使用)での著作物の使用許諾を与えなければなりません。
  3. 上記1.と2.の条件を、配布する相手に明示しなければなりません。





Each Wikitravel article also has an HTML link element of type meta that points to an RDF file with the author names. This may be easier to parse automatically.





For an image, a modified version of the image file is a derivative work. A Web page or other presentation that includes the image doesn't count as a derivative work, and doesn't have to be under the same license.


ウィキトラベルの記事を再利用する場合、上記「著作権帰属」と「利用許諾」をその利用者に明らかにするため、Wikitravel:クリエイティブ・コモンズ帰属 - 同一条件許諾ライセンス第1.0版 (全文)へのリンクを明示してください。


These are some practical notes for re-using Wikitravel guides.

  • There is no bulk download for all of the Wikitravel guides -- yet. We're working on making XML, HTML, and MediaWiki SQL versions available for download.
  • wikitravel.org is a service for creating and editing these free guides. We can't support the bandwidth and processing requirements of uses not tuned to this purpose. We prefer not to serve files or articles if they're framed or embedded into other pages.
  • If you create a Web mirror, it can help if you put a link on Wikitravel:Mirrors.
  • There is a mailing list for announcements of Wikitravel news. It is a low-volume, moderated list and should only send you mail once a week at most. If you are doing a lot of republishing of Wikitravel content, you should be on this list (but are not required to). Send email to majordomo at wikitravel dot org with "subscribe announcements" as the body of the message.





We're committed to making Wikitravel guides practical to redistribute. We think that redistribution is a great way to get important information to travellers who need it.

Some improvements to watch for:

  • Bulk download of all Wikitravel articles in XML and HTML format.
  • SQL downloads of all Wikitravel articles.

Note that we don't have an easy way to send out full-site dumps that conform to both the copyleft and the privacy policy. We need to balance the need to give all users attribution for their work with the need to protect personal information like passwords and email addresses. There's not a built-in easy way to do it right now, and it's a low priority for developer and admin time.

See also: Wikitravel:Mirrors, Non-compliant redistribution