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Swansea [1] - seconda città del Galles con un panorama spettacolare sulla vicina costa e molti eventi culturali



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  • The former fishing village of Mumbles, at the western end of Swansea Bay - The quaint streets, a 12th century castle [2], fashionable boutiques and excellent restaurants make this suburb of Swansea a must-see destination. The promenade at Mumbles gives a great view over Swansea Bay.
  • The entire Gower Peninsula, which was the first area in Britain to be designated an "area of outstanding natural beauty". The scenery is stunning, and extends from sandy beaches, hidden coves and lush country-side. In addition, (including the ruins of Swansea castle) there are seven medieval castles to explore.
  • The Maritime Quarter- an international award winning bayside development. The swinging masts and sails of the three marinas offer a great backdrop to the theaters, museums, hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants that jostle for positions in this tight little corner off the city center. The south-side faces the sea, where there are great views over Swansea Bay and the Mumbles Head.
  • Plantasia, Parc Tawe. Tel:+44 1792 474-555 - hot house in the city center, complete with three different climate zones and exotic butterflies.
  • Singleton Park - This is Swansea's largest park, which meanders over several acres of gentle undulating hills and leads down to Swansea Bay. There are botanical gardens near the Sketty end of the park, while Swansea University occupies land at the lower end, near the sea front. The main entrance to the park is on Mumbles Road, just past the St. Helen's Stadium.
  • Clyne Gardens and Country Park - this is no doubt the gem in the crown of Swansea parks. Originally a private garden, Clyne is bursting with flora and fauna meticulously collected from across the world. It is has an internationally recognised collection of rhododendrons and azaleas which are at their spectacular best in May. The Chinese style pond, complete with willow trees and oriental bridge is a great place to relax and watch the clouds sail by. Entrance behind the Woodman pub on Mumbles Road at Blackpill.
  • Cwmdonkin Park, located in the Uplands, this classic Victorian park was a favorite with Dylan Thomas, and several of his works were inspired here.
  • Brynmill Park, Swansea's oldest park, is also located in Dylan's Uplands and is famous for its large swan lake.
  • One of the best views over the city and Swansea Bay is from Pant-y-Celyn Road in Townhill (near the Townhill Campus of Swansea Institute). There are bay-facing parking areas along the road that allow the stunning views to be enjoyed from the comfort of your car. The scene is especially spectacular at dusk with the sun setting over Mumbles Head. For the adventurous and those possessing cars with strong brakes, return to the city center via the 1 in 3 incline of the cobbled street of Constitution Hill.




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The area's only youth hostel is located near the beach in Port Eyon, Gower [3] Tel:+44 1792 391-623. There are far too many B&Bs to list all, but here is random selection: 1) Leonardo's Guest House, 380 Oystermouth Road Tel:+44 1792 470-163, 2) The Oyster Hotel, 262 Oystermouth Road Tel:+44 1792 654-345, 3) Devon View, 394-396 Oystermouth Road Tel:+44 1792 462-008, 4) The White House Hotel, 4 Nyanza Terrace, Uplands Tel:+44 1792 473-856, 5) Cefn-Bryn Guest House, 6 Uplands Crescent, Uplands Tel:+44 1792 466-687, 6) Carlton Hotel, 654-656 Mumbles Road, Mumbles Tel:+44 1792 360-450, 7) Shoreline Hotel, 648 Mumbles Road, Mumbles Tel:+44 1792 366-233, 8) The Coast House, 708 Mumbles Road, Mumbles Tel:+44 1792 368-702, 9) Glenview House, 140 Langland Road, Mumbles Tel:+44 1792 367-933, 10) Langland Cove Guest House, 4 Rotherslade Road, Langland, Mumbles Tel:+44 1792 366-003, 11) Grosvenor Guest House, 1A Mirador Crescent, Uplands. Tel:+44 1792 461-522, email - [email protected]


  • Dolphin, Whitewalls, near Quadrant Shopping Mall. Tel:+44 1792 650-011 - city center hotel.
  • Premier Lodge Hotel, Salubrious Place. (off Wind Street). Tel:0870 990 6562 - convenient for city center, marina and for 'Swansea-Cork Ferry.'
  • Beaumont Hotel, 72 Walter Road. Tel:+44 1792 643-956 - small hotel, near city center
  • Ramada Encore, Fabian Way. Tel:870 4422825 - located off motorway connecting road - car essential. Not convenient for tourists.

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  • The Grand, High Street, (across from Swansea Railway Station entrance). Tel:+44 1792 645-898 - beautifully renovated classic hotel. Convenient for city center and rail travel.
  • Dragon Hotel, 39 Kingsway Circle. Tel:0845 456-6399 - city center hotel
  • Marriot, Marina. Tel:0870 400-7282 - convenient for city center. Views over Swansea Bay and marina.
  • Norton House, Norton Road, Mumbles. Tel:+44 1792 404-891 - a converted Georgian manor house.
  • Ramada Jarvis, Phoenix way, Enterprise Zone. Tel:+44 1792 310-330 - located in business district. Not suitable for tourists.
  • Winston Hotel, Church Lane, Bishopston. Tel:+44 1792 232-074 E-Mail: [email protected] - small family run hotel in quiet location over looking the Bishopston Valley and close to sandy beaches.

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  • Morgan's, Adelaide Street, Marina. Tel+44 1792 484-848 - five star luxury in listed building. Convenient for city center and marina.
  • Patrick's with Rooms, 638 Mumbles Road, Mumbles. Tel:+44 1792 360-199 - an eight room hotel overlooking Swansea Bay.


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