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Ranong è il capoluogo dell'omonima provincia.

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Un posto di confine con pochissimi turisti. L'escursione in nave da qui fino a Kawthoung in Myanmar richiede il visto.

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Around Ranong Canyon

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Nok Air

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Minibuses from Surat Thani cost 140 Baht and take around 3 hours. They arrive opposite the main bus station about 1km out of the town centre which is served by motorcycle taxis.

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Hourly boats ferry gamblers from Ranong to the Burmese island of Thahtay Kyun (20 minutes), where the Andaman Club [1] casino and golf resort caters to their needs.

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Ranong has poche cose degne di essere viste:

  • Hot Springs
  • Waterfalls
  • Ranong Canyon
  • Bald Hill

Attività ricreativeModifica

Visa run - is a likely reason to come to Ranong. Songthaews leave from the market on the main road and cost 10 Baht to get to Saphan Pla, the fishing port providing the link to Myanmar. Most songthaews end up here eventually, though some follow a longer route than others. You will either be dropped across the road from the immigration office, or at a small roadside cafe a few metres away. Either way it is likely you will be offered a boat by the touts trying to earn a living. A longtail boat costs 300 Baht, whether you're on your own or in a group. There is also a big boat which is used by more organised visa runs, and a small-scale trip via longtail usually coordinated by a white haired chap in a gold coloured pickup who hangs around the bus station. Longtails are faster and fewer people mean less waiting time at the various immigration points. The big boat is slower and takes longer because of the number of passports to be checked, but can work out cheaper. You will need US$5 to enter Myanmar and they like the notes to be in top condition, especially with no writing on them. Touts will sell you US$5 for 300 Baht, but it's really worth about 200 Baht. On weekends the Burmese authorities also require photocopies of your passport done by a small shop at the immigration office for 10 baht. The boat will go to Thai immigration, and the driver will take your passport to be inspected, then the same again at Burmese entry where he will also need your US$5. Then you exit Myanmar at a third immigration office on the Burmese mainland, which you have to get off the boat to do. You'll probably be offered Valium and Viagra by the various Burmese touts trying to make a living, and helped towards shops selling cheap alcohol and cigarettes. There is a limit on what can be brought back legally, and the boat may be checked on the return journey. After the boat trip back, you must return to Thai immigration for another entry stamp. You should get a lift with an arranged trip, but it's a 10 Baht motorcycle taxi or songthaew ride, or a 10 minute walk.


Durian Seller On Market Street



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  • Asia Hotel, Market Street (300 baht)
  • Bakhla Bar, on Market Street two doors down from the 7-11, opposite the first main right turn. Mattress-on-floor rooms with shared bathrooms at 100-120 baht.
  • Kiwi Orchid Guest House [2]
  • Sintavee Hotel, on Market Street, 100m north of market. Chinese run and sometimes used for short-time action by the local working girls and their clients. Large double room, private bathroom for 140 baht.

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View Of Night Market From Royal Princess Hotel
  • Royal Princess, 41/144 Tamuang Road, Tambol Kao Nives, Amphur Muang, Ranong 85000 (signs to Royal Princess on many streets), ph: +66 0 7783 5240-44, (fax: +66 0 7783 5238) [3] - Best hotel in Ranong. (About US$40 pppn)