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Mui Ne

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Mui Ne

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Le dune di Phan Thiet.

Mui Ne is a nice resort area near Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam.

Understand[Modifica sezione]

Le dune di Phan Thiet.

East of Phan Thiet the road passes through Dragonfruit plantations, finally climbing over the slope of a Cham-Tower-topped hill and descending onto the long, sandy crescent of Mui Ne Bay. The formerly scarcely inhabited beach south of the fishing village of Mui Ne proper has seen some serious development in the last 15 years, leading to a 15km long strip of resorts that line up like pearls on the shady street lined with coconut palms. Addresses are frequently specified by giving the distance from Phan Thiet in kilometres.

Get in[Modifica sezione]

By bus[Modifica sezione]

Le dune di Phan Thiet.

Open Tour Buses between Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang have a regular lunch-stop in Mui Ne. Furthermore, public buses from both destinations service the place. You can also take the train to or from HCMC to Phan Thiet which is a short taxi ride from Mui Ne. Once you are on the train you can upgrade if there is room. Look around.

There are dozens of small travel agencies to sell you airline, rail, or open tour bus tickets. Be sure to shop around since some unscrupulous agents will often overcharge the unwary buyer, Tam Hanh Travel (88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu) in particular is a good one to avoid for any services other than set fare bus tickets.

Get around[Modifica sezione]

Xe Oms are available and their drivers will bug you each time you leave the hotel. Bargain hard to get appropiate prices (20,000 dong is more than enough to pay for a ride "downtown" from the resort-area)

Motorbikes and bicycles are for hire at most resorts and may be your best option for exploring the surroundings.

See[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Giorno di mercato a Mui Ne
  • Po Shanu tower is a derelict remainder of the ancient Cham culture that was built in the 8th century.
  • Fish Sauce Plants, where the famous nuoc mam is produced. Big jars harbour the concoction that, after months in the blazing sun, is sold all over Vietnam to add some spice to the food.
  • The famous Sand Dune. Xe Om Driver will not stop to offer you to get you there, and it is a nice place for views and short walks.
  • Mui Ne market and fishing harbour. Don't miss out on an excursion to this quiet little village. Just off the main road there is a small but colorful market. If you take your transport just down to the water, you will reach the fishing harbour. Walking along the beach, you'll pass by fishermen sorting out their catch, ship-wharfs and, at the southern end of town, a section where clams have been ridded of their shells for many years, so the sand on the beach is by now substituted with littered shells.

Do[Modifica sezione][add listing]

  • Wind and kite surfing is offered by several outfitters and hotels.
  • The Fairy Stream is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests, boulders and the dunes behind the village, in parts resembling a miniature version of the grand canyon. You can walk up via the sandy hills overlooking the oasis-like valley and return by wading in the waters.

Buy[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Bring whatever you need for travelling and pleasure. There is not a lot on the Mui Ne strip and if there is, it is usually junk. There is a small market in the town itself but do be careful. Remember. This is turning into a real tourist town.

Eat[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Every resort area is surrounded by restaurants specializing in seafood. The food is invariably fresh, well-prepared, and served in friendly and interesting surroundings. By all means get out of your hotel and try one of the local restaurants.

  • Lâm Tòng, 92 Nguyen Dnh Cheu, T:062-847598 is right on the beach under some shady palms. You can even sit at tables in the sand. There's a little hut with hammocks strung. Try the fried fish with lemon and the chicken fried in fish sauce.
  • Smoky House (125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street) offers large, high-quality meals, and offers all customers free ice cream.

Drink[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Sleep[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Mui Ne has dozens of properties to choose from, in every price category (US$20-200).

Budget[Modifica sezione]

  • Hon Di Bungalows,T 062-847014, [email protected], 70 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (km 13), has simple but nice bungalows with fan and attached bath for US$10-12. There is a shady courtyard strung with hammocks, and four of the bungalows are directly facing the beachfront. A small restaurant and Internet-access cater for your needs.

Get out[Modifica sezione]

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