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Marmaris [1] è una città della Turchia.


L'areoporto regionale di Dalaman a 100 km da Marmaris è il più vicino. Il trasferimento in auto da e per l'areoporto richiede 1 ora o più. Thomsonfly e flythomascook sono tra le compagnie che operano a Dalaman


Il modo più economico per spostarsi è in dolmus minibuses. Sono a 11 posti e fanno la spola tra Marmaris e la vicina Icmeler. Si paga 1 YTL ovunque all'interno di Marmaris e appena 1.5 YTL per raggiungere Icmeler. Questi minibus hanno uMarmaris dolmuses have a green band across them and orange for Icmeler.

You can pick them up from the side of the road by hailing for them and they will stop wherever you want on the route.

Taxis are also available on the meter or arranging prices up front.

Da vedere

Not many places to see in Marmaris itself. The castle near the marina is quite nice and was a fort built by Suleyman the magnificent.

Otherwise the marina is very nice for a relaxing drink or dinner.

Da fare

Many of the local tour companies offer trips such as

Jeep Safari - drive around mountains surrounding Marmaris and visit village, waterfalls and pictureque beaches.

Turkish baths - a traditional turkish bath (Hamam) with sauna, body peel, foam massage and oil massage.

Turkish night - entertainment night with cossack dancing, belly dancing and all things Turkish

Also, trips to further afield such as Dalyan turtle beach and mud baths, Pamukale, Lycia etc.


Lots of shops selling usual tourist fodder as well as local specialities such as Turkish Delight, carpets etc.

Leather goods can be brought for a good price if youre prepared to bargain.

For food, there is a large supermarket at the end of the main road before the harbour and marina called Tansas which stocks virtually everything including international brands.

Dove mangiare

Many places on the beach front main road and just of it serving Turkisk, English, Dutch and other nationality food. Tends to be cheaper away from the harbour and marina.

Propreitors will stand outside establishments and harrass you into looking at their menu. Dont be to intimated and a polite no thankyou or later will put them at bay.

Prices are 5-8 YTL for starters, 10-20 YTL for mains depending on establishment.


Local beer is served everyhwere and is very good, called Efes.

Also, some establishments stock imported beers such as Becks, Budweiser or Fosters but tend to be more expensive.

Wine is very expensive and seems to be all local. Good and common winery is Villa Doluca.

Another drink worth trying is Aryan which is a yogurt based drink. Very cooling and good for you.


Many hotels and apartments to choose from.