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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong metro is efficient, it does not cost much and is well served. It is usually crowded during peak hours, but always in an orderly manner.

Special: Take a prepaid travel card, insert it into the portfolio, and to enter restricted areas is sufficient to use the portfolio as a magnetic reader: read your travel card automatically. Ditto the exit, where the system will calculate the price of your journey.

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The guide to Hong Kong is on the right, as in Britain and Japan. The traffic is chaotic and is not an immediate turn in the car. The size of Hong Kong makes it unnecessary to own a car, being able to use often and with negligible costs for taxis.

The cost of the taxi in Hong Kong is very low. There are plenty of taxis around the city, and the basic rate of HK $ 15 (1.5 Euros) you can scroll around the city. In the case of travel between islands, such as for travel to Kowloon, you must take the toll tunnel, the driver is paying for the outward and return. A trip here would cost between 90 and HK $ 120, maximum € 12 for a distance of more than half an hour.

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They speak Cantonese and some Mandarin Chinese and not good English, some spoke with an amazing British accent. Generally, it is easy to see a citizen of Hong Kong speak English, unlike the difficulties encountered in China and Japan. 2% of the population studied French.

If you plan to visit a lawyer / doctor / client / supplier, it is essential to contact a 'translator (freelance) Chinese (Cantonese - Mandarin) - English - Italian not only for languages but also for the information and the presence of a person in Hong Kong.



Hong Kong Dollar (HK $), about 10 euro cents.


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Local restaurants and in line with European prices. Technology at affordable prices.


Ladies' Market in Mong Kok

Computer Center in Wan Chai and Mong Kok Technology


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