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Chittagong (divisione)

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Bangladesh : Chittagong (divisione)

La Divisione di Chittagong è un'entità amministrativa del Bangladesh che occupa il territorio sud-orientale del paese ai confini con Myanmar (stati di Chin e Rakhine).

Sub-regioni[Modifica sezione]

Mappa del Bangladesh con la divisione di Chittagong evidenziata in rosso
  • Chittagong Hill Tracts - Decidedly untypical of Bangladesh in topography and culture, the Chittagong Hill Tracts have steep jungle hills, Buddhist tribal peoples and relatively low density population. The tracts are about 60km (37mi) east of Chittagong. The region comprises a mass of hills, ravines and cliffs covered with dense jungle, bamboo, creepers and shrubs, and has four main valleys formed by the Karnapuli, Feni, Shangu and Matamuhur rivers. The hills rise steeply thus looking far more impressive than what their height would imply and extend in long narrow ridges. The highest peaks on the northern side are Thangnang, Langliang and Khantiang while those on the southern side are Ramu, Taung, Keekradang, Tahjindong (4632 ft, highest in Bangladesh), Mowdok Mual, Rang Tlang and Mowdok Tlang. The Hill Tracts is divided into three districts, namely Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban.

Città[Modifica sezione]

  • Chittagong - a bustling city, the capital of Chittagong Division, and the 2nd largest city in the country
  • Cox's Bazar - a hugely popular beach resort, filled to the brim with affluent Bangladeshi holiday makers
  • Rangamati - a lush and verdant rural area belonging to the Chakma tribe, is open to visitors, as is Kaptai Lake. The lake, ringed by thick tropical and semi-evergreen forests, looks like nothing else in Bangladesh. While the lake itself is beautiful, the thatched fishing villages located on the lakeshore are what make a visit really special. Boats that visit the villages leave from Rangamati. Bring your swimming gear because you can take a plunge anywhere.

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