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South Carolina

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South Carolina

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La Carolina del Sud (South Carolina in Inglese) è uno stato del Sud degli USA



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Congaree National Park

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South Carolina, together with North Carolina forms a region historically known as Carolina.

Though the famous "Southern accent" is definitely in evidence here, if you listen closely, you'll hear all its regional variations, from the deeper drawl of the lowcountry to the more clipped speech of the upstate.

South Carolina, is very hot in the summer, and its nice coastal areas are a big tourist attraction.

The NAACP is currently boycotting the state because of its stance of the Confederate Flag. Liberals battled - and won - to have it taken from the top of the Statehouse dome in Columbia, but were forced to compromise with a monument on the Statehouse grounds that some say is more visible than before. Many white Southerners here don't view the flag as racist. Instead, they see the batteflag as a part of their Southern heritage. It's important to understand that, unlike many other areas of America, wearing a Confederate flag is not considered by many here to be a signal of racism. And in fact, the KKK is more prevalent in other areas of the country, not the South. Though the controversy is far from over - the flag remains a touchy subject, particularly in the capital city - it does show signs of resolving itself.

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English is official.

Gullah is spoken on the Sea Islands.

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South Carolina is served by four interstate highways.

Interstate 85 traverses the northwest corner of the state, near Anderson, and connects Greenville and Spartanburg with Charlotte, North Carolina.

Interstate 26 stretches southeast across the state, from Landrum to its terminus in Charleston. Interstate 26 intersects with Interstate 85 near Spartanburg, Interstate 20 near Columbia and Interstate 95 near Orangeburg.

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The roads in South Carolina (like most places in America) are in good condition for travel.

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Attività ricreative

Along the Eastern Atlantic Coast of South Carolina are several popular tourist destinations.

The most well known area is called The Grand Strand and comprises 60 miles of mostly beachfront property. The Strand runs south from the North and South Carolina border through the towns of Little River, Atlantic Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach and Garden City (in Horry County), down Hwy. 17 south through Georgetown County including Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, and Pawleys Island.

Little River is known for its beautiful inlet, great for fishing and water sports. Myrtle Beach's claim to fame is not only its beaches, but its nickname as "Golf Capital of the World". Murrells Inlet offers some of the freshest seafood around. Pawleys Island offers historic plantation sites as well as great golf.

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Fat Jacks Burgers on Isle of Palms has some of the best fast food in the Low Country.


Sweet tea ("Iced Tea") is very popular and readily available, ad is elsewhere in the South.

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Sicurezza personale

A word of caution, it is illegal in South Carolina to be 'grossly intoxicated' in public. The police can arrest you and charge you with public disorderly conduct if they believe this is the case, and there seems to be no legal definition of grossly intoxicated for a pedestrian. This is a misdemeanor offence, resulting in a court hearing. You can get your charged expunged within the state by entering a Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program. This involves fines, community service, drug tests, attending alcoholic’s anonymous meetings & homework assignments and typically takes about 2 months to complete. However, the PTI program is not recognized by the Federal Government.


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