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===In aereo===
===In aereo===
{{infobox|Scams at the airport|'''Arrivo''': Take your taxis from the stand outside, not the touts or desks inside, and insist on the meter.
Be aware of another scam where impostors who pretend to work for the taxi company pose at the official-looking stands outside offering rides to the city (especially in the non-regular hours where there are not many people about).  You will be led into a "taxi" with a fake meter (which could be hidden) which runs very quickly (¥200-300 to the city).  Read the [[#By_taxi|section on taxis]] for details on how to distinguish between fake and legitimate taxis.
'''Partenza''': Ignore any people walking around offering to sell you an exit fee ticket/receipt. There used to be an airport construction (or exit) fee of ¥90, but now it is included in the plane ticket.}}
*[ '''Beijing Capital International Airport'''] (北京首都国际机场 Běijīng Shǒudū Guójì Jīcháng, {{IATA|PEK}})  dista 26 km dal centro di Pechino. <!--The airport is being expanded at a furious pace to be ready in time for the 2008 Olympics. Terminal 2, opened in 1999, is still new and shiny, with contemporary abstract architecture, while Terminal 1 was renovated in 1995. Facilities on arrival include ATMs and money changers.
Be aware that upon departure, porters may want ¥10 to wheel your bags 50m to check-in and that most eating options are rather outrageously priced.  Before you cross through security, if you want a bite to eat in the Terminal 1, there is a KFC which has lowered its prices a little, and in Terminal 2, there are 2 KFCs, and the restaurants in the basement have relatively low prices compared to what's above.  A meal at any of these places should be around ¥20.
Many people use taxicabs to reach town from the airport. Try to get the Chinese name in characters of your hotel so that you can let your taxi driver read where you want to go. A taxi from the airport should cost ¥70-120. You will have to pay the fee shown on the meter (make sure the driver uses it) plus ¥10 toll for the airport expressway.  Traffic jams are common.
The cheapest way to get to the city centre is to take the '''airport shuttle''' [] (''+86 10'' 64594375/64594376) .  There are several lines running to different locations throughout Beijing.  Buses for each route leave every 10-30 minutes, and tickets cost ¥16 for a one-way trip.  Follow signs for the buses (机场巴士 Jīchǎng Bāshì) to find the bus-stops:
* '''Line 1 (to Fangzhuang):''' 1. Liàngmǎqiáo  (亮马桥); 2. Báijiāzhuāng (白家庄); 3. Dàběiyáo (大北窑)/World Trade Centre (国贸 Guómào); 4. Pānjiāyuán (潘家园); 5. Shílǐhé  (十里河)/KingWing Hot Spring International Hotel (京瑞大厦 Jīngruì Dàshà ); 6. Fāngzhuāng (方庄)/Guiyou Shopping Mall (贵友大厦 Guìyǒu Dàshà).  Runs 7:30-22:30.  Return stops are 6, 3, and the airport.  Convenient for getting to the south east of the city. 
* '''Line 2 (to Xidan):''' 1. Sānyuánqiáo (三元桥;) 2. Dōngzhímén (东直门); 3. Dōngsìshítiáo Bridge (东四十条桥); 4. Xīdān (西单)/Civil Aviation Building (民航营业大厦 Mínháng Yíngyè Dàshà).  Return stops are 4, 2, and the airport.  Runs 7:00 till the last flight.  Heads south-west. 
* '''Line 3 (to Beijing Railway Station):''' 1. Yuyang Hotel (渔阳饭店 Yúyáng fàndiàn); 2. Dōngdàqiáo (东大桥, bypassed after 22:30); 3. Cháoyángmén (朝阳门); 4. Yǎbǎolù (雅宝路); 5. Beijing Railway Station (北京站 Běijīng zhàn).  Runs 7:30 till the last flight.  The Beijing Railway Station stop is actually at the west gate of the International Hotel (国际饭店 Guójì Fàndiàn), across Chang'an Avenue.  Return stops are 5, Dōngzhímén, the Jingxin Building West Gate (京信大厦西门 Jīngxìn Dàshà Xīmén), and the airport.  Convenient for the city center, the southeast of the city, and Chaoyang, Chongwen, and Dongcheng districts. 
* '''Line 4 (to Gongzhufen):''' 1. China International Exhibition Centre (国际展览中心 Guójì Zhǎnlǎn Zhōngxīn); 2. Xībàhé (西坝河); 3. Anzhen Bridge (安贞桥 Ānzhēnqiáo); 4. Madian Bridge (马甸桥 Mǎdiàn Qiáo); 5. Běitàipíngzhuāng (北太平庄); 6. Jimen Bridge (蓟门桥 Jìmén Qiáo); 7. Friendship Hotel (友谊宾馆 Yǒuyì Bīnguǎn); 8. Beijing TV Station (北京电视台 Běijīng Diànshìtái); 9. Zizhu Bridge (紫竹桥 Zǐzhú Qiáo); 10. Hangtian Bridge (航天桥 Hángtiān Qiáo); 11. Gongzhufen (公主坟 Gōngzhǔfén)/Xinxing Hotel (新兴宾馆 Xīnxīng Bīnguǎn).  Return stops are 11, 7, 5, 3, and the airport.  Runs from 7:00 to 23:00.  Convenient for the north and north-west of the city, and Haidian district.
* '''Line 5 (to Zhongguancun):''' 1. Wàngjīng (望京)/Huājiādì (花家地); 2. Xiǎoyíng (小营); 3. Asian Games Village (亚运村 Yàyùncūn)/Anhui Bridge (安慧桥 Ān huìqiáo); 4.Xueyuan Bridge (学院桥 Xuéyuàn qiáo); 5. Zhongguancun Bridge No. 4 (中关村四号桥 Zhōngguāncūn Sìhào qiáo), .  Return stops are 5, Beijing Aeronautics University North Gate (北航北门 Běiháng Běimén), Huixin West Street (惠新西街 Huìxīn XīJiē)/Anhui Building (安徽大厦 Ānhuī Dàshà), Huixin Dongjie (惠新东街 Huìxīn Dōngjiē)/SINOPEC (中国石化集团 Zhōngguó Shíhuà Jítuán), and the airport. From 8:30 to 21:30.  Convenient for the north of the city, particularly the university district within Haidian.
The shuttle bus website also has a map available.
Public bus #359 also runs from the airport to Dongzhimen, where you can catch subway 2 or 13, but this is not very fast or convenient.
A number of youth hostels and luxury hotels run their own complimentary shuttle buses services - do ask if where you're staying has one.
The Beijing subway system should complete its spur to the airport in 2008.-->
* [ '''Nanyuan Airport'''] (南苑机场 Nányuàn Jīchǎng, IATA: '''NAY''') <!--is a former military airfield 17km to the south of Beijing, currently used only by army-linked low-cost operator China United (中国联合 Zhōngguó Liánhé) [].  China United currently fields daily flights to [[Harbin]], [[Dalian]], [[Sanya]], [[Chongqing]], [[Chengdu]], and [[Wuxi]].  Free shuttle buses run from China United's ticket office to and from the Xidan Aviation Building (西单民航大厦 Xīdān Mínháng Dàshà).  Times depend on flight schedules.-->
===In treno===
===In treno===

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Poliziotto con il ritratto di Mao sulla piazza Tiananmen

Beijing o Pechino (in cinese 北京) è la capitale della Cina.

Distretti cittadini

8 distretti sono vicini il centro cittadino:

  • Distretto di Dongcheng (东城区 Dōngchéng Qū)
  • Distretto di Xicheng (西城区 Xīchéng Qū)
  • Distretto di Chongwen (崇文区 Chóngwén Qū)
  • Distretto di Xuanwu (宣武区 Xuānwǔ Qū)
  • Distretto di Chaoyang (朝阳区 Cháoyáng Qū)
  • Distretto di Haidian (海淀区 Hǎidiàn Qū). Comprende il quartiere di Zhongguancun (中关村 Zhōngguāncūn), la "Silicon Valley" cinese e 39 università incluse quella di Pechino, Tsinghua e Renmin
  • Distretto di Fengtai (丰台区 Fēngtái Qū )
  • Distretto di Shijingshan (石景山区 Shíjǐngshān Qū)

Altri 8 distretti sono notevolmente più lontani dal centro:

  • Distretto di Mentougou (门头沟区 Méntóugōu Qū)
  • Distretto di Fangshan (房山区 Fángshān Qū)
  • Distretto di Tongzhou (通州区 Tōngzhōu Qū)
  • Distretto di Shunyi (顺义区 Shùnyì Qū)
  • Distretto di Changping (昌平区 Chāngpíng Qū)
  • Distretto di Daxing (大兴区 Dàxīng Qū)
  • Distretto di Pinggu (平谷区 Pínggǔ Qū)
  • Distretto di Huairou (怀柔区 Huáiróu Qū)

Eccezion fatta per Mentougou, questi distretti erano prima del 1988 contee al di fuori dei limiti amministrativi della città di Pechino.

Da sapere

Pechino: il palazzo d'Estate



Come arrivare

In aereo

Scams at the airport

Arrivo: Take your taxis from the stand outside, not the touts or desks inside, and insist on the meter.

Be aware of another scam where impostors who pretend to work for the taxi company pose at the official-looking stands outside offering rides to the city (especially in the non-regular hours where there are not many people about). You will be led into a "taxi" with a fake meter (which could be hidden) which runs very quickly (¥200-300 to the city). Read the section on taxis for details on how to distinguish between fake and legitimate taxis.

Partenza: Ignore any people walking around offering to sell you an exit fee ticket/receipt. There used to be an airport construction (or exit) fee of ¥90, but now it is included in the plane ticket.

In treno

In auto

In autobus

In nave

Come spostarsi

Pechino: stato attuale della rete dei trasporti

Da vedere

Pechino: La città proibita
  • Città proibita o Palazzo imperiale (故宫 Gù Gōng)
  • Piazza Tiananmen (天安门广场 Tiānānmén Guǎngchǎng) è la piazza più grande al mondo.
  • Tempio del Cielo (天坛 Tiāntán)
  • Palazzo d'Estate (颐和园 Yíhé yuán)
  • Yonghegong o Tempio dei Lama (雍和宮 Yōnghégōng)
  • Colline profumate (香山 Xiāng Shān)
  • Zoo di Pechino (北京动物园 Běijīng Dòngwù Yuán)
  • Parco Beihai (北海 Běihǎi)
  • Prince Gong's Mansion (恭王府 Gōngwáng Fǔ)
  • Giardino botanico (北京植物园 Běijīng Zhíwù Yuán)
  • Hutongs (胡同 Hútòng)
  • Museo Militare della Rivoluzione Popolare Cinese (中国人民革命军事博物馆 Zhōngguó Rénmín Gémìng Jūnshì Bówùguǎn)
  • Museo dell'Aviazione Cinese

Attività ricreative

Folclore e manifestazioni

  • Olimpiadi dall'8 al 24 agosto la città ospiterà i Giochi Olimpici e dal 6 al 17 settembre i Giochi Paraolimpici [3]

Opportunità di studio

Opportunità di lavoro


Dove mangiare


Prezzi medi

Prezzi elevati


Vita notturna

Dove alloggiare


Red Lantern House hostel
  • Red Lantern House, No.5 Zhengjue Hutong, Xinjie Kou, Xicheng District, +8610 66115771/66169477 (), [1]. Absolutely adorable hostel with a genuine Chinese feeling. The courtyard in the middle is a great place to hang out, talk to new friends or just sit by yourself and read. Its location in a classical Hutong adds to the feel of experiencing the real China. They offer airport pickup for ¥160 Dorm beds from ¥45, singles from ¥130, doubles from ¥140..
  • Qiao Yuan Fandian: Located not far west from Beijing South train station. About ¥20 from Beijing Zhan (Beijing Train station) by taxi, or take buses 744 or 20; best from Qianmen near Tiananmen Square. There's a whopping ¥200 deposit but 4 bed dorms with a/c are reasonably priced at ¥31 or ¥260/360 for standard suites, the more expensive option in the building in the back (newer). Level 6 has a laundry, kitchen, and travel agency. Internet access is located towards the train station (look for the fish net character (网) on the signs, or ask for 'wang ba') or a few blocks away to the west near KFC, McDonalds and a supermarket. Plenty of eating is nearby, and also don't miss the Art Deco interior of a hotel/restaurant when its lit up at night (head towards KFC).
  • Beijing City Central Youth Hostel, Located directly across from Beijing Zhan (Beijing train station), [2]. Dorms ¥60 (4-8 beds). Doubles with shared bathrooms ¥160..
  • Beijing Saga International Youth Hostel, No. 9 Shijia Hutong, Dongcheng District. Tel. 86-10-65272773, 65249098, Sagayangguang. This place is about a 15 minute walk from the Beijing Main Railway Station. From the station, follow the road North past the Beijing International Hotel. After about a ten minute walk look for the hostel sign with an arrow pointing down one of the hutongs on the left side. The hostel is very popular with backpackers. They charge ¥180 for a triple room, ¥160 for a double room and ¥40-50 for a bed in a dormitory (the price depends on how many beds are in the room). There's a restaurant on the top floor. The staff speaks some English.
  • Beijing Far East Youth Hostel [4], 90 Tie Shu Xie Jie, Xuan Wu District. Tel. 86-10-51958811. It's in a traditional Chinese courtyard, about 10 minutes walking from Tiananmen Square. The Far East Youth Hostel has become very famous after having been added to major travel guides. During summer time you should book one week in advance.
  • Leo's Hostel [5] is a good alternative to the Far East and is just around the corner. Leo's Hostel is in the same road as the Far East, has a free Playstation 2, Internet, Pool, lockers, maps, guides, magazines etc. It is well known for its friendly staff and lively bar atmosphere. It has a beautiful courtyard, with dorm rooms (¥45-70) as well as private rooms (¥160-200) Tel: (10) 63031595 or (10) 63033318.
  • Changgong Hotel is one of the cheapest places in the Qianmen Hutong. It has an traditional arichitecture and is just next door from Far East and Leo's. Don't try to find any of the narrow roads on the map. Navigation is only possible by asking or in a rickshaw. Dormbeds are ¥35, a triple room is ¥210. Tel: (10) 63015088 or (10) 63032665.
  • Eastern Morning Youth Hostel is a great budget option if price is your primary concern. The hostel is located in the basement of the Oriental Plaza shopping/office/residential complex next to Wangfujing. Private rooms cost about ¥90 per night - book in advance. The staff does not speak much English but are friendly. Internet access is available at ¥10 per hour. The hostel is located on Dongdan Santiao (which runs behind Oriental Plaza). It is a 5 minute walk to the Dongdan or Wangfujing subway stations and about a 15 minute walk to the International Hotel airport shuttle stop. Tel: (10) 65284347
  • Jing Yi Shi Hotel [6] is located between Leo hostel and Far East Y/H. The hotel is traditional siheyuan and has beautiful courtyard. The staff does not speak much English but are very friendly. There are two PCs available, Internet access costs ¥10 per hour. Twin room costs ¥150, 180, 220. Tel: 86-10-63043822
  • Houhai Youth Hostel is one of the most mysterious and charming old-Beijing style courtyard inns, which is located in Sanbulao Hutong in Houhai. Its only 5 minutes by foot to the Houhai Lake. They provide free services such as a map of Beijing, tour of HuTong(traditional courtyard house), tea, Internet access, satellite TV & DVD access, usage of kitchen, baggage deposit. The staff speak English, and there is parking as well. Each single rooms cost $15 and up. Dorm beds cost $6 and up. Contact: Tel:0086-10-66128458,mobil:0086-13439801676,email:[email protected]

Prezzi medi

Prezzi elevati




Numeri utili

  • Polizia: 110
  • Vigili del Fuoco: 119
  • Pronto soccorso: 120
  • Ambasciata Italiana di Pechino: 2, San Li Tun Dong Er Jie - 100600 Pechino, tel. +86 10 8532.7600, fax: +86 10 6532.4676

Postazioni Internet e Wi-Fi spots

Sicurezza personale




  • La Grande Muraglia (长城 Chángchéng) a un'ora e mezza circa in autobus.
  • Badaling (八达岭 Bādálǐng)

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